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The aPORKalypse Sandwich

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I can tell you, from personal experience, that sometimes the title comes first. A single line so compelling that you know…you know…that there’s a story worth writing, hidden within.


The same can happen, apparently, with barbecue.


A few months ago, a Facebook friend of mine used the word “aPORKalypse” on my Burnin’ Love BBQ Page.  I was instantly besotted. I had to use that word…I had to create a recipe worthy of its awesomeness.  It haunted my dreams.


Since then, I have prepared this dish dozens of times in my mind, tweaking the ingredients, massaging the methods, and expending a great deal of drool, until, finally, it was time to open the roof to the storms, allow the lighting to flash down, and bring my glorious creation to smoky, succulent life.


Long after I’m rolled into that last great fire-pit…this is the recipe I want to be remembered for…





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I Love The Smell Of Pork In The Morning !!!  biggrin.gif

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I think the title sums it up, Perry!


It sure looks delicious!





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It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than That !


'Nuff Said,


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I had to blow that picture up just to get a good look ...Wow That sammie makes me hungry......superjob.gif

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Copied and pasted. Heading out to buy ingredients. That looks damn near life changing.

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I don't know what to say. It almost brings a tear to my eye seeing all that pork goodness in a single serving. th_crybaby2.gifAmazing invention. thumb1.gif 77.gifpoints.gif

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Thanks guys, glad you liked it. It sure got a lot of happy noises at camp last weekend!



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Originally Posted by pperkins View Post

Thanks guys, glad you liked it. It sure got a lot of happy noises at camp last weekend!



Could have been the beans too!!!  biggrin.gif




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Yeah...I did serve brisket beans too...those were NOT happy noises! LOL

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Lord, give me this day to ignore the warnings of high colestrol, the effects of pork fat within the arteries of my heart, and allow my taste bud to engulf the full spectrum of flavors that are encased within such a delightful and delicious creation.  Thank you, lil ol' me..




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Im going to try that looking good439.gif

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Only one thing to sat about this. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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