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Venison Snack Sticks

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First time snack sticks. Made them out of 100% venison nothing else but the seasoning and the cure. Mixed up and let cure 2 days. Stuffed them and let dry overnight. Did a test batch in the oven last night at 200* till they reached 160* no ice bath just let cool down in the oven. Took 8 hours to reach 160*. They turned out great. Used 19mm casings and my tube was to short so it took awhile to get them all stuffed..The batch was 5lbs. I will do the rest in the smoker using hickory chips.0711011134.jpg0711011146.jpg0711010835.jpg

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They sure look good from here!!


If they are great from the oven, they're really gonna be Awesome smoked with Hickory!!!



Thanks for the views,


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Oh buddy my lips are smackin' just lookin' at those babies!drool.gif

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Thanks Bear I think they will too...Man these things are so good with beer can`t believe I`ve never made them always just made jerky....

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Thanks Capt..Turbo !

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The next time I make these instead of using that little paket of #1 I am going to use TQ. Just to compare the 2 for any after taste....I think the TQ will win out.

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Congrats on the snack stix, looking great. icon14.gif

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They Looks Great, Nice Job...

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Looks delicious!

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Thanks guys I finished the last ones with a Hickory smoke 180* till they reached 160* IT. took about 9 hours...The smoked ones are much better thats because I like smoke...

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Man those look good, were can I find the recipe and cook times, temps for cooking with a smoker ?


Sorry but I am new to all of this and having a little trouble finding the info.

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Predatorbass I just used 100% Ground Venison. I used a prepackage snack stick mix from LEM. Just follow the times and temps in my post in your smoker. Use Temp prob to check the Internal Temp of the sticks...If you would like to look at the way others do it just type in Snack Sticks in the search button and they will pop right up and you can do alot of very interesting reading...Good Luck to you...

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they weren't too dry for you?  Venison is a very lean meat..and I've made 100% venison sticks too...and while I like family LOVES when I add about 20% ground pork into the venison..boy, they stay super tender, and moist snack sticks then...give it a try, I think you'll like it.




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I like the 100% venison. The meat has just enough fat in it to make the perfect for my taste and I like for them to taste like deer meat and not pork or beef...Just my taste.. And they are much more healthy with 100% venison...

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I will be making some of these!!! Thanks!

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They look great, did you use a pre mixed kit for the seasonings/cure?

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I know this is a few weeks old but I like how yours came out. i'm holding on to this thread.

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 nice job, they look great. do the pre mix boxes come with soy protien or any kind of powdered milk in the seasoning? ill be making some 100% venison stix tomorrow. ive made them before, using my own season and #1 cure. this will be the first time i add soy protien. the last time i made them they shrunk down quite a bit but i did add pork fat. and for that reason im going to try 100% venison with the soy protein, see if that helps. ill post some pics and everything of the turn out.

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