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Meat Sticks with Pix

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After all the sausage I've been making lately, my sons were wondering WHEN I was going to make some slim-jims or beef sticks?

So I ordered a few mixes from AC Legg. I had on-hand some 19mm colored collagen casings so onward.....


Simple set up & ingredients.

I decided to make two small (5lb) batches on the snack stick mix; one regular flavor, the other BBQ:



Two 5lb bags of beef I cut up the night before, partially frozen:



First grind using the 4.5mm plate:



Since these were small loads I mixed by hand ('old-school'):



All mixed & ready for one more final grind:



Final grind through a 3mm plate:



I used the cabela grinder 'speed' attachment for stuffing these sticks. (I use the Kirby Cannon for bigger loads—10lbs+).

I ran out of the 19mm collagen casing near the end so grabbed a couple of collagen rings to make two larger sausages:




Loaded in the 'extra-wide' smoker. Plan was to do 2-3 hours with the a-maze-n with a progressive increase in the temps:



One hour in....



After nearly four hours, IT reaches 160° so out they come.



The larger 'rings' are still hovering around 145° so they still need some more time. They are picking up some nice color.



About an hour later, they hit the 160° mark and I pull them to bloom.




Sample time: My sons all tried the sticks & the feedback I'm getting is very good! Real nice texture to the sticks, just the right amount of saltiness. Casings have a good snap. The BBQ is probably my favorite of the two.

All these will sit in my fridge overnight and tomorrow I'll decide how I'll store these stix.

I'm very happy with the results! Considering my last two sausage-making fiascos, I'm glad to have a winner! biggrin.gif








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Nice Cougar.


Glad to see more people using the AC LEGGS. Its good mix. How many Tbs did you use for the 5 lb batches? I found that i like 6-7 Tbs.


You a stick-a-holic. Pretty soon you will loose the temp probe and do the feel way.

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Nice looking snackers. 

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Nice looking sticks, congrats!

I am a believer of foodsavering and trying two weeks after freezing. I swear flavors change and in my opinion will be the product you serve most people.

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Looks great.  Send some down here and I will test it for ya.  LOL

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Originally Posted by nepas View Post

How many Tbs did you use for the 5 lb batches? I found that i like 6-7 Tbs.


You a stick-a-holic. Pretty soon you will loose the temp probe and do the feel way.

I did it all by weight (grams). The two package mixes were for 25lbs & 10lbs. Weighed the contents—divided the weight of the 25lb batch mix by five; used half the bag on the 10-pound mix.

I was afraid it might still be too salty, but fortunately, that wasn't the case.


Currently they're 'resting' overnight uncovered in an empty fridge. I was going to put the cut sticks into some clear plastic containers with small holes in the lids.

Havent decided on whether to foodsaver any yet. The pace my sons are devouring them, it may not be necessary. biggrin.gif


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Looks great!


Nice pics too!


 I like the one of them laying out in the sun!





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Nice color! They look delicious!

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Those look great! I can see a snack stick session down the road myself. So far I really like the A C Legg Seasonings, too. OK, now I gotta go get a snack. Ya made me hungry.



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I got up this morning & checked the condition of the stix in the fridge. They've 'dried' nicely & have a nice 'wrinkle.'  I took about 4-5 stix and cut them into serving size lengths. I placed them into a plastic container & punched a few holes in the lid. These will stay in the fridge.


Not sure they'll last the weekend though.....biggrin.gif




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looks awsome man, may have to try that at my house in the near future!

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It all looks great. Definately something I'd like to try myself. Great job.

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