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Totally awesome man... That looks like a great little place to hang out.  I keep trying to convince the wife that I need to build an outdoor kitchen in the back yard.

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Hey Rich 

Great looking Bear Den.  Congrats for an awesome place to hang.

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Thanks a bunch guys and gals for all the great and positive comments--she is a jewel to me.  Lady Bear been putzin so heres a couple of updated pics..






One of my woodworking trinkets that I made.. (works well for two cans of beer and two shot glasses for those whom drink..LOL)




Yard from back looking in and towards the smoke house.




New bedroom/bath/panty addition that we did year ago..




First signs of the coming fall--hmmm snow????




Smoking almonds -the first smoke in new gazebo!!  Had to show the pipe line pipe cut into state of Alaska..I just love it!!


Thanks all for the views.



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Awesome place.


How well will the cabinets/table hold up to the weather?

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Man that is just great !!!! You almost built it to small. Really like your place...Move over I moving....

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Thanks for those extra pics AB !!!!


I really like that little picnic table idea, and I love the combination Lookout/gun turret built into your upstairs!!!  Very functional!



Great Place !!!



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Did I miss the beer cooler, fireplace and jacuzzi?


Seriously AB, that is a great Bear Cave for a one handed carpenter!!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Oh man that turned out AWESOME! Great job, and I am sure you and the Missus will enjoy that space for many, many years to come. Love the pipeline map... lol... just shipped about $150,000 worth of product to the refineries up there.

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what a great place2thumbs.gif job well done

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Well finally got some time to finish the front roof and western style saloon type front.  Also was given a motor home refrigerator that I gladly built in to the side of the smoke house.  Going to be perfect for 'aging' those cheeses and pre bacon meats.  Enjoy please.
















Thank all for the lind comments, really are appreciated.



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Wow that has really turned out great. You are going to get lots of use out of that for sure. Looks like a great place to hang.

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Man if I had a set up like that I'd never go in the house.

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Originally Posted by teeznuts View Post

Man if I had a set up like that I'd never go in the house.



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You have been a busy Beaver Bear!------That thing looks awesome!!!!!




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Only one thing missing.......




Looks Fantastic A-Bear!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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That is a beautiful thing Rich. I can't believe this is the first I saw of this thread. That is just freakin awesome. It's missing one thing though. A beer tap.

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A thousand thanks for alll the comments.smilie_flagge13.gif


The area above the refrigerator will be screened in for an outside close by air-dry with racks.  It will be one of two that will be housed under the eaves on that side.  Still keeping my eye our for a gas built in oven, a small one hopefully so I can all bet complete my gazebo--smoke house--man pad--outdoor kitchen..LOL


As far as that canoe goes, I will be placing a 45-w halogen light in the upper part, putting a shelf in 2/3's the way down and putting my carved 'Welcome" bear on it.  BTW, almost 1/2 of everything used has come from the local dump.  I recycle lots.. LOL




Thanks again,


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That looks awesome, I am sure there is more than just myself that is envious.

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Nice job on this, it looks so cool.  I'd love to have something like this. And that is cool that so much of this is recycled from your local dump.  Simply amazing!

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