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2 brine or not 2 brine, that is the ?

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The wife just bought a bunch of 3 lb boneless turkey breast at the local "Shopping Cart" for $3.99 each. I have thawed 2 of them and  was going to throw them on the U.D.S. Tomorrow.  I am still quite wet behind the ears at smokin meats. I've smoked Beef, Pork and Fish but never Fowl. My question is: Should I brine the Turkey breasts? or should I just inject and wrap in Bacon?





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Personally I like to brine Chickens and Turkeys, I think it gives the meat a better taste.   

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Your choice.  I often don't brine my poultry, and it comes out moist and tender with great flavor.  I rub with salt, pepper, and butter with lemon juice.  Smoke until 165* IT.  I recommend a light fruit or nut wood -- apple, cherry, alder, ash.


Try brining one and not the other and have your own personal taste test.   And don't forget the Qview!

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Id brine one, cook both and see how it turns out.  2 Turkey days ago I did this very thing.  The brined one came out juicier to me and others, but to some it didnt matter, they couldnt tell.  Im also of the opinion that if you hot smoked any bird at 325 is gonna be great as long as you dont over or under cook it. 


Good luck,



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tis not really a question. brining can only help. if you have the time its worth it.


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If time permits I brine, if not then I inject.

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If I have the time I brine. 

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