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Thoughts on this smoker (Pics)

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Hey everyone,


I am still on the prowl for a smoker.....I search my local classifieds almost every day for a good deal (I'm a student...think used is best idea).....and MISSED A $150 18.5" WEBER SMOKEY MOUNTAIN!!!! It had only been used 10 timesish, and i called them within 24 hours but it was gone :( didn't realize anyone else paid that much attention!


Anyways, now I am extra sad, and saw this little smoker for $50, and wanted some opinions. Doubt it would be tall enough for a beer-butt, but I could still do brisket, chuckie, ABT's, ribs, and everything else.


Would I be able to use the A-MAZE-N smoker in this? I feel like no will be my response.


Thanks for any tips!19576804_640.jpg19576806_640.jpg19576807_640.jpg19579775_640.jpg

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I don't see how you could go wrong for $50.

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Whether it is worth $50 is more a function of what you want, what you're willing to pay, and how much time you have on your hands to improve it. Certainly maintaining temps and getting an even cook on that is going to be more time consuming than on the WSM. But you're a's not like you need an excuse to sit outside and drink beer but for $50, this is a pretty good one.


If you do the various  SFB mods (firebox basket, deflector/baffle plate in the firebox, and extend the chimney lower) you'll have a better performing smoker. You will *definitely* need to invest in a good thermometer or two, but you'll need to do that anyways.

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

I don't see how you could go wrong for $50.

You can not go wrong with $50

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Alright, thanks for the advice guys. Always appreciate the quick responses from multiple people when I got a question!



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I can't see why a beer butt chix wouldn't fit in that smoker.


You will need to do some mods to that smoker for best results.


Your decision.


Good luck and good smoking.

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For $50 it just may be worth a try.

The A-MAZE-N-PELLET-SMOKER may work, but why?

You have an opportunity to make a few mods, and get this smoker up to speed. Then you can use chunks to create your smoke.  Don't get me wrong, I would love to sell one of my gadgets, but I bet you can make this thing work like a champ without it!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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A great buy...

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Good deal. I think it will help you meet college girls too. biggrin.gif

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Hello and wecome


looks like a good deal to me,  If it dont work for some reason you can build you a UDS and use your SFB there for a grill.


I use mine for a grill and put a pan in the firebox side to put my burgers and stuff in as I get thim cooked to keep them warmbiggrin.gif

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