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First smoke EVER!

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IMG_20110704_132012.jpgJuly 4th!    About 3 hrs total!  Started with temps right at 250. About 40 mins into the smoke the temp dropped to 200. Added more RO and the temp stayed at roughly 265 for the remainder of the smoke. I could not get the temp down. Final breast temp with a digital thermometer was 184. The breast was a bit dry.....but I was very happy with my first smoke!


I used KIK-N-CHICKEN Weber rub!


IMG_20110704_132003 (2).jpg


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It would be a little dry at 184. I take the breast meat to 165, and thigh to 175. Still it looks good.

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It looks good from here Well done now you hooked

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     Once the temp dropped to around 200 after the first 45 mins of the smoke, I added RO and the temp rose to right around 265 and I COULD NOT get it to come down. I added well soaked hickory chips and even removed the top portion of the smoker and splashed water on the coals to try and get the temp back down into the 250 range.


I did use the water bowl and filled it with water after I covered it with tin foil. Wondering if removing the water bowl might have provided better smoke? It would have allowed me to add coals and wood chips easier without having to remove the top portion of the smoker. All in all I'm satisfied with this first smoke...............and definitely hooked!



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Congrats on your first. Nice! drool.gif

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looks great

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Congrats on your first smoke.


265º is the minimum I smoke my birds at.

If you smoke at a higher temp 275º - 325º it will be even better.


And like AL said, pull when the thigh hits 175º and you'll be amazed at the finished product.


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You will get it!


Yard birds don't gain much by low and slow.  If you try it you will get rubber skin.  If you are pulling the meat for future use, the skin is not an issue.  Also by taking to 165, your pulled meat will stand up to a second heating later without becoming dry and tough.


Hang in there and keep experimenting.  Just be safe in the process.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Have you taken the E-Course yet???


Lots of help there. 


Keep up the good just takes time..


Some of us brine poultry too.




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            yes.....I have completed the e-course. I also did brine the chicken prior to smoke.



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