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question about smoking baby back ribs and a boneless shoulder butt

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hey guys, i'm new to this, i'm having a party on saturday and i'm borrowing my neighbor's smoker and i have 6 racks of baby back ribs and a 12 pound boneless shoulder butt for pulled pork, i already have the basics down like the dry rub, etc, and my neighbor will assist me on operating the smoker, but i've been reading that a 12 pound piece of pork can take up to 15 hours to cook on the smoker, and i'm wondering if there's a way to speed up the process or if i should start it at night and then wake up the following morning to check on it.. i realize the ribs are a bit more straight forward and don't take as long to cook and i also like the idea of the 2-2-1 method, but is it necessary to foil the ribs and pork? or would it be ok if i left both of them unfoiled? are there any major differences between foil vs. no foil?? does doing it one way turn out better and/or faster than the other? just curious.. thanks for the help.

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What is the fuel source for the smoker?  I've lurked here for a while and I've seen a number of posts that start with "so I took a nap and..." in the Food Safety forum.  All depends on how risk averse you are, and how much sleep you need.


You might be interested in the next post down which is about cutting an 11 pound butt in half to speed the smoke time.


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That's a pretty big smoke for a newbie. No offense. Especially on a smoker you are not familiar with. I would cut the butt in half. That much meat will make the temp drop big time when you put it on so you need to have a good fire going. What king of smoker is it? Can it handle that capacity? The butts will take probably twice as long as the ribs. If stuff gets done earlier you can double wrap in foil and some towels to keep it warm for a few hours. Foiling it will help it cook faster but you will get no crunchy bark. Welcome to the addiction.

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thanks for the info guys, i welcome the challenge haha

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I love a good challenge also biggrin.gif


But here's my 2¢


1. Using a borrowed smoker will be a challenge all it's own.


2. I would cut in half. Even then you're looking at 12-14 hrs cooking time "easy".


3. Foiling will speed up the cooking time ( which I'm sure you'll appreciate)


   goodluck.gif and remember the Qview

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Sounds like your up to the challenge. We'll be waiting to see your results.

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Ok thanks, i understand it's my neighbors smoker but he's going to help me get it setup and maybe a bit with the cooking process as well, it's not like i'm completely on my own so i think i'll be ok.. and i'll try to get some good pictures too. I'm hoping for the best.

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using foil will give you more of a "fall off the bone" rib. Its a matter of preference. I personally like fall off the bone ribs so i foil with some apple juice inside. Alot of other guys like their ribs with some pull do them so they dont foil at all,,,if they do its brief. Theres no right or wrong way. Just have to figure out which type of rib you or your guests like and go from there. Good luck.

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As far as the shoulder goes just cut it in half.  I actually prefer to do the boneless version of the shoulder, seems to cook a bit faster for me.  I tend to cook at around 250 and by 8 hours my shoulders are fall apart done.  I am cooking on a stick burner though.  3-2-1 method for the ribs and they will turn out great.  

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Seems most questions have been covered above....allow yourself plenty of time. You don't want people jonesin' for food while you're scrambling. It is an ambitious undertaking but sounds like you'll have the neighbor to help out. Enjoy the ride...

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