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Blueberry Crumble in the smoker

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Saw this on the BBQU website and tried it today. Surprisingly good!! The slight smokey flavor from the applewood chips was a great accent to the blueberries. I had been smoking some ribs, so the smoker was not quite hot enough; I took it off after an hour and crisped the crumble in a 350* oven.


I am posting the link instead of the recipe for copyright reasons..





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No Pix???

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Well, there's a kinda sorta picture if you follow the link.  Hey, this looks very doable.  A great idea for when I can't get temps down while learning how to use my Smoke EZ -WSM clone. 

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Actually, if you follow the link, there is a picture of the product, kinda sorta.


Hey, I like this one.  It's going on the to do list.

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