Pork loins in the "mystery smoker" (Q-vue)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bobcats110, Nov 7, 2011.

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    Some of you may remember a post from a long while back where I had acquired an unknown brand smoker from a garage sale for $5, which we found later to be a Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5".  I finally got a free day to do something with it.  Thanks to everyone for the advise, especially Smokin Al for tips on getting started.  As photos show, I did minion method, with a more wood chunks than I saw in other photos, and maybe 3" deep layer of charcoal.  That was the one question, I really didn't know how much to use.  The amount I used lasted about 5 hours, with most vents open full, at about 240, so I was pretty happy with first time.   This was also the first time I ever used a water pan.  Also, note thermometer that I bought as the unit didn't have one, or a hole to mount one.  I assume that this is OK since it's an over thermometer.  It does have a nice smokey tint to it now though......

    I did two pork loins (the main thing that I do with some ribs thrown in occasionally) that I cut up because I like have the extra end pieces with the rub on them.  The three smaller had a rub that I buy from a store in Centerville, TX, the other two I used a brisket rub that I bought at Albertson's.  I do have a home made rub recipe that a friend shared his secret recipe with me, but opted to try the other two instead.

    Got going about 3:00pm and pulled at 8:00.  Since this wasn't for dinner last night, I wasn't in a real hurry to do anything with it.  Finally cut a piece off around 8:30 and it was pretty darn good.  Seemed a little more moist than I've made before, so that was nice.  Will be packing it up and vacuum sealing for use the next month or so.

    So the lingering question is still - how much charcoal should I use?  Is there a depth that everyone uses, or a rule of thumb, 3" deep by 3" wide lasts roughly, "x" hours?  What I did lasted just over five hours, what if I need 10?  Do people reload the charcoal in lumps to keep going or continue a path around the ring?  Just looking for guidelines/suggestions.

    Thanks again to everyone who replied to my initial post months ago....very positive first go with the WSM!




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    well thats great steal. damn. I have the 22 1/2 and I would not trade it 4 anything.

    You will get to know your smoker and see how she burns. With mine, If I am doing ribs I will fill up about half the ring.

    If I need longer burn I might fill the ring up close to the top...

    I take an old plastic coffee can, put it in the middle of the charcoal grate and pour in the coals around it. That way I have a prety good hole in the center to throw my lit charcoal from the chimney into. I load up chips along the edges, put the middle section back on, and adj. to temp...

    Oven temp gage requires you to open up the lid...Be besst to get one with probes. Wally world has one and it works OK> test it with boiling water 212 Deg.

    http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/110256/chik-and-q-view#post_677856     heres is mine with som chick on it I did

    Others will chime in as well...Happy smokes
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    Bob, The loins look really good. What IT did you pull them at? Knowing how much fuel to put in is going to take a little trial & error. If you got 5 hours out of this load and you want to go 10 hours next time then you would put in about twice the charcoal & twice the chunks. I tend to put more in than I need, because when your done smoking if you shut all the vents the fire will go out & you can use whats left next smoke.
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    Well your loins look pretty good next tiem maybe post a sliced (money shot) picture or something.
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    Great looking loins, you got a steal on that WSM. She will give you lots of great Q
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    Awesome looking Loins.

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