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Smoked Falafel?

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I'm finding myself in possession of a rather daunting quantity of chick peas, and the wife and I can only handle so much hummus. Was thinking of making up a bunch of Falafel, smoking them at a low temp for an hour or 2 then frying them. Anybody tried anything like this?

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The problem that you are going to have is that the moisture content in the uncooked falafel is key to a) holding them together and b) the frying process. I think smoking them is probably going to dry them out. Then again, you never know until you try :)


I occasionally buy the huge commercial kitchen cans of chickpeas from Costco. I make a ton of hummus but there are lots of different salads you can make with them. Also, a Jane Brody recipe, Ginger Chicken with Chickpeas, that I have been making for 25 years now:

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If these are dry chickpeas, maybe you could cold smoke them before you make your mix?  I haven't tried it, so that is just a shot in the dark.


Good luck and good smoking.

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