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After 6hrs smoking, looking good. Internal temp was at 165deg. This pic is right after I took the temp probe out and getting ready to wrap in foil.








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Looking good thumb1.gif

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Looking great! icon14.gif

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Yup I'm with ^ but I wanna see more please.
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Sorry about the separate posts.

Here's the butt after it was wrapped until it reached 195deg and an hour rest.DSC00753.JPG

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Looks Great...

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And here's the finished product after it was pulled. It took me a total of 8hrs to smoke that 7.5lb butt. 

I made the finishing sauce from the recipe I found on this forum which gave it a nice little kick.

It turned out very moist and very good, although I was expecting more smoke flavor. Maybe next time I'll try to inject it to get more of a flavor.DSC00759.JPG

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Fantastic! Hard to believe how fast you were able to get it done? What temp were you at?
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As I mentioned before I did some sides. I wanted to try something different with the "Big ol Mess", I've heard so much about. So I decided to grill the onions, green peppers and Jalapenos.

And also grill the smoked sausage, and put it in a pan with the hot sauce and sweet an sour and smoke that also. I also found some "smoked pork neck bones" in the grocery and used that in my beans. They both turned out very, very good. Here's some pics. DSC00750.JPG

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Ya next time inject it with liquid smoke, that will do it! Grin
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Almost finished.DSC00757.JPG

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Originally Posted by realtorterry View Post

Fantastic! Hard to believe how fast you were able to get it done? What temp were you at?

I was having a hard time keeping it under 300deg(I've only had this grill since Fathers day, 2nd time using it). Every hour I added about 8 coals per side( Weber suggestions) and a lump of Hickory for smoke.  For the first couple of hours it was running between 275-325deg, then I finally got it down to around 300. After 4hrs the temp probe was up to 145deg. After 6hrs it had reached 165deg and I was ready to wrap it. It never did stall, just stead temp rise all day. Only thing I did was to rotate it a couple of times.


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It all looks good!    bravo.png

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