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Maiden Voyage

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My brand new MES 40 is on its maiden voyage! I've got two pork butts, seasoned with TexJoy, a wonderful rub that comes out of, need I say it? Anyway, the smoker is working beautifully. The TBS is gently wafting from the vent and I am anxiously (but patiently) awaiting mouth watering PP.


Just to make sure I got this right....


Cover with foil at 160, remove and wrap in towel and place in cooler for an hour at 195.


For you spritzers out there... Can you give me some advice on when to apply a spritz of apple juice?


Pics to follow!!!!

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Congrats on the new Mes & the maiden voyage. I'm a non-spritz guy but opinion varies greatly on when to start. I believe most will wait a few hours and then do hourly or so. You can also add some AJ to the foiling when the time comes. Typed in 'when to spritz' in the handy search bar for you....numerous pages on the issue. . Welcome to the SMF

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If you are going to foil it I don't think spritzing is really necessary.

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Pork butts have so much fat in them you really don't need to spritz them.

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Eighteen hours and these babies fell apart when I removed them!

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:drool: Lookin good! Your makin me hungry...

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Originally Posted by davidmc4 View Post

Eighteen hours and these babies fell apart when I removed them!

 Dang, that is a L O N G time. Atleast you see the reasoning for the foiling. It does help speed things up. But if speed is not needed, take your time.

Glad you like the no fat cap. Did you notice any difference in the moistness of the meat, between the fat cap and non fat cap meat?  Much more bark that way too.


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  Looks mighty tasty! Good job.

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drool.gif<<Have homemade sour dough buns and I am on my way!!!!!  LOL



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Nice looking butts there David !!


Thanks for showing!



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Great looking butts, nice job...

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Originally Posted by AlaskanBear View Post

Have homemade sour dough buns and I am on my way!!!!!  LOL



The wife just pulled the fresh homemade rolls from the oven... guests for dinner tonight to show off the PP. My wife said "fatty butts never looked so good!"


Actually, I added a bit more rub after the overnight, before I put them in the smoker.... mistake. The bark is a little too salty. Mixed with the other and the homemade bbq sauce my wife cooked up, it is fine. Next time, no extra rub!


I'm planning a smoke-out for July 4th, which will give my guests a chance to taste good q and sign a copy of the Declaration of Independence! Let's be proud of our country again!!!


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