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Smoked Ribeye steak w a little qview

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i liked the prime rib that i made last weekend so much that i decided to finally try a steak on my traeger.  I loaded the pellet pooper up with hickory and thawed a couple ribeyes.  My butcher sells full ribeyes for $7 a lb so every so often i buy a one and have it cut up into steaks so i always have a supply of ribeyes.  just like the prime rib i seasoned it with lawrys.  I smoked it for about an hour until IT was 125 then seared it on my weber grill for about a minute on each side. one of the best steaks i have ever had.  Interesting how the outside turned "smoke ring red" as soon as i threw it on the grill.   i have always had my steaks cut kind of thin so that i can get my wife and son's cooked enough without burning them up but with the smoker i am changing strategies.  Now i should be able to get them thick and smoke them to whatever temp they want them. 


thanks for looking and for all the ideas.  this forum is great!





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Looks awfully tasty!  Nice job!  Sorry I missed dinner!

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Where is mine ?     grilling_smilie.gif

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Very nice Greg, congrats!

"Can't beat a thick cut, smoked, reverse sear rib-eye"... Those are not my words, that would be scripture if the good lord wrote an updated Bible!

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Absolutely my favorite cut of beef and that looks awesome. drool.gif

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Awesome! My favorite!

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Wow that looks excellent Greg...i love the color!! Rib-eye...the king of steaks...drool.gif

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thanks folks.  i am planning to buy some bone in cowboy ribeyes and try those.  i never had luck with those on the grill because i can't get them cooked enough for my son and wife.  a couple years ago they did a section of anatomy at school and whatever they did grossed out my oldest boy.  now he can't stand any pink.  hard to do with an inch and a half thick ribeye but now it should be a mini prime rib and i can smoke it to whatever temp he needs without drying it out.



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just looks yummy

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  MMMM,.....Ribeye my fav. th_Slab_of_meat.gif   I never would have thought of smoking a steak...... looks great!  Yet, another to do on my list.

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Drool-O-Vision drool.gif




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Great job Greg, nice color on the Ribeye drool.gif

Thanks for the Qview icon14.gif

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Beautiful looking rib eye.  That's my favorite cut of meat!

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Looks good man, that's how I do 'em

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Love the rib eyes. Yours look D-Liscious.

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Looks Delicious, did you make enough for all of us?

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