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Another Smoky Tri Tip

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I was going through the freezer yesterday and found a nice looking tri tip that had smoke me written all over it. Nothing fancy just some rub, smoked at 250* with hickory. I pulled it at 138* and let it rest for an hour. Enjoy. 




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That looks perfect Meat  drool.gif


Tri-tip isn't readily available here, But I'm going to pick up some bellies today and I'm gonna ask the butcher If he can order me some.

Thanks for sharingthumbsup.gif

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Oh yeah, great shot on the cutting board. Looks-Great.gif

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Perfectly done!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Great looking tri-tip Meat...looks like it will be a fantastic meal !!! I could spank down a big plate of that !!!!thumb1%20copy.gif

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did you save the juice for some Ju

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Great pics. What kinda rub did you go with

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Looks real nice Meat!!!


Nice BearView too!




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Originally Posted by ThunderDome View Post

Great pics. What kinda rub did you go with

It was actually a seasoned salt, It has citric acid and lemon oil in it plus other stuff. I don't use salt in a rub but wanted to try something different and it worked pretty good. 



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Looks delicious! My favorite cut of meat!   thumb1.gif

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love tri-tips..looks like you nailed it...beautiful color

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drool.gif That about says it all.

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Looks perfect. That'll make some great sammies.

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I've never cooked one or even seen one in the meat department but after looking at that gorgeous roast I sure will be looking harder for one in the future. Man that is some pretty meat! Nice job.

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Tritip - the perfect cut of meat - awesome man 

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It looks great soft and yummy thanks

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