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Cornish Hen's

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I saw a segment on the food network where they did cornish hens so when I was shopping this week I picked some up. took some of my rub and mixed it with melted butter and injected them then put some rub on the outside and let them hang out for about an hour while I got the smoker up to temp.

Put them in the smoker for 2 hours and here is what they looked like.


While they were hanging out in the smoker I made a potato salad, sure wish I could remember what all I put in it but it was pretty awesome too.


The hens turned out so jucie, they were very good. I think I will be cooking these a little more often.


Here is my logo I had painted on my smoker.



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Great looking smoke! Congrats and thanks for sharing!
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Midget yard birds! They are pretty darn good. icon14.gif

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Nice birds and the tater salad looks awesome

Did you build that rig? If so ..........Good jobsausage.gif


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Good looking hen's. Great looking smoker!

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Good looking birds with a good color

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I will be doing some yard birds this weekend while camping.  What temp. did you cook those girls at??  They look great!!!


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cooked then at 225
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looking great!!!!  thumb1.gif   will be doing some my self this weekend

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Beautiful birds!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Love CGHs. Those look great. Nice smoker too. Did you smoke those tiny birds on that giant smoker?

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Real pretty right there.  love the tater salad.

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