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WSM and Temperature Probes

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Okay, so I bought some of those grommets that replace the bolts throught the side of the WSM that allow you to insert a temperature probe into the chamber.  My thought was that these would be useful for using the temperature probes for insertion in butts and briskets.  One big problem....all of the temperature probes are bent at a 90 degree angle and won't go through the grommet.  What the hell?  Can someone tell me where I can find some straight probes?  I've been searching the internet and specialty shops with no luck.  Is there just no other way to measure the meat temp than to run the probe through the top vent?





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You don't need straight probes...really...



Do a quick search about WSM mods and you will learn a good bit..


  Have a great day!!



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Sheesh---Never thought of that.


Are those grommets so tight that you can't rotate the probe through the bend?


Maybe I'm not sure I know what you mean.



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Are these the eyelets from BBQ Guru, and what kind of probe are you using. The BBQ Guru website has this note at the bottom.


NOTE: The Maverick ET-732 has a larger probe and does NOT fit through the eyelet holes. 

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Yep, pretty tight!  The bend will not go through.

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I can't remember if it was BBQ Guru or not.  I do remember that the site sold all sorts of add-ons for the WSM.  I'm using Taylor thermometers and they just won't go through.

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I will definately be using the lamp repair mod if that is how what you are using works...


I never imagined a probe not going thru an item meant to pass probes thru!!!


Here's the post I was referring to.... 



  Have a great day!!



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  How about you take the eyelet out and put the probe through the hole, just be careful when you pull the wire through.



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