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Bacon wrapped tender loin

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Got a couple pre-marinated tenderloins,

And as luck would have it,My buddy (fpnmf) Craig gave me some of his Tasty bacon  yahoo.gif

So i had a 45.gif moment!

I wrapped 'em up and smoked with RO lump and Pecan at 225º

Since the FDA lowered the temp on pork i pulled them at 150º

They were tender and juicy.




Wrapped with fpnmf's bacon



A couple Bear-Views






Thanks for the bacon neighbor,

And thanks for checkin out my post.

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Looks good Rap!

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MMMMMMMMM tasty!!!!!!


That bacon rocks!!



  Havwe a great day neighbor!!

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Great looking loins man

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drool.gifgreat looking loins

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Looks real good...

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Awesome BearViews, Rap!!!!


And what a great neighbor Craig is, to bring you something to cover your Pork with, to keep it warm in the smoker!  icon14.gif


Thanks for showing!



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They don't call them Tenderloins for nothing. Try them on the grill too.

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Man oh Man those look great to me but I know you had to have a smaller smoker then your bubba to do those. I have a whole loin going in my new smoker today.

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