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Some questions on Moinks

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I have seen a few pictures of these curious looking meatballs. What exactly are they? It looks like chopmeat wrapped with bacon.


Is there an official thread on the Moink? How did they get there name?


I tried using the search tool but saw nothing on preperation of the Moink

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There are lots of recipes and threads - go to the top and type moinks into the search engine.


They are basically a meatball - sometimes stuffedd and smmetimes plain wrapped with bacon, hit with a rub and smoked.


That is the basic explanaiton

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Here is some info from the handy dandy search tool.


Maybe yours needs to be changed to "relevancy"... 


  Have a great day!!



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I like to make them with frozen meatballs and glazed with sauce at the end.  No wrong or right way to do them just enjoy the MOO-OINK experience.

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I like to stuff them with a little cheese.

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short answer...a a combo of Moo (beef) and Oink (pork).......usually a meatball of any size, flavor, stuffed, etc...wrapped in bacon and smoked.


You'll be able to find recipes and more with the search engine.



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There are several ways to make them,

I use 50/50  ground beef and pork sausage, stuff with cheese and wrap with "thin" bacon.

As other members said, The search engine will give lots of info.

Try your own style, throw them on the smoker, and bring on the Qviewyahoo.gif

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I might be trying to make these very soon. I finally went back to the search tool and found some nice recipes they were deep in old posts.

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