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Thoughts on best way to get fire started

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So I just bought a "new" used wood smoker. Up until this point i have been using my MES 30 and have loved that I thought that i would like to try a Wood smoker. So i found one on craigslist and picked it up for $60. So now i need to learn how to use this. I have looked through the history on the forum to find out what would be best and I seem to be at a loss as to what would be the best way to start the fire up and get the heat going. I was trying to get it heated up today to clean it out and then get the idea how the best to regulate the heat.


So all I used was some wood chunks a few chips and firestarter. That really didn't seem to work that great. So what I am wondering is......


1) what i did was perfect just need to use more firestarter and wood to get.

2) I should use charcoal and get it going until it is started to be coals and ashing then add the wood chucks.

3) or.......




This is a New Braunfels Smoker used smoker not sure the model. would love to figure out it.


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I have that same smoker. Nice buy for $60!

I pre-heat mine with a good old camp fire-type burn while the coals heat up in the starter chimney. I use a fair amount of kindling and some 1-1.5 inch diameter sticks. Brings her up to 350* pretty fast. Once the fire dies down and the meat is on, I lay on the coals and adjust the airflow to keep my temps at the desired level. Of course, you should always use a food-safe fuel -- fruit or nut wood -- so you don't coat your rig with creosote.

About every 30-45 minutes, I add another pile of coals right next to the burning ones. They will slowly catch fire and you can maintain a temp almost indefinitely as long as you continue to add coals.

Good luck, and keep practicing--you'll get it dialed in!
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There you go!

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