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apparently what i wrote earlier came off wrong..the smoker is still my grandma's property, so at the moment Its not mine...and my wife simply talked me out of lighting it up to see how it works..she didnt say i couldnt have it..only that i shouldnt light it up..


in terms of trying to find a local media or sand blaster to remove the rust..the interior is fairly covered in old crusty grease so its probably in great shape..the rack is a little bent on one side but nothing that couldnt be fixed...


im not sure what this hole is for on the firebox..i dont have a pic of the dampener which is on the opposite had a piece of metal that hung to the left of the opening to i think close it..but im not sure guess is maybe ash removal? or maybe a hole to light the wood?



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looks like it's got a "Stop" plate on one looks like it either was the ash trap door, or another vent...I'd be willing to bet..that is the ash dump door if you have vents on the other side.




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So I went and took actual measurements today of the smoker..


Main Chamber: 5' Wide 3' Tall and 3' Deep


Fire Box: 28" Wide 14" Tall and 14" Deep


Cooking Grate: 53" x 29" which is 1537 square inches..


and here is a pic of what covered the extra hole on the fire box DSC02482.JPG


pic of the grate




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I would get working on that smoker as soon as possible!!! Fire that bad boy up and see what kind of temperatures she will hold. Grandpa would be grinning from ear to ear knowing his grandson took a interest in his old smoker.beercheer.gif

Check with grandma and see if grandpa had a recipe could have notes about running the smoker and some fantastic family smoking recipes 

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GOTARACE  is right .Looks like it would do a small hog nicely.36.gif

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10 Bucks says that the bow in the grate was caused by a big pig sitting on a hot grate ??

If you can get that rig It would be great to restore . Not something for 1 or 2 butts .but for big smokes or whole hogs it would be the ticket.

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Definitely a keeper. That thing will last forever. Your great grand kids can tell stories about their great grampa restoring their great-great-great grampa's smoker.

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Sand blasting may not be needed, I don't think it looks all that bad


Does Grandma have any stories about Grandpa cooking on it?

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no im not replacing it..the work will get will just take some will be a "when i can get to it" weekend wife and i just had our first child on tuesday, so my hands will be full for some they are resting, so that means i get to smoke some celebratory ribs, and they are my first batch ever :) 


as far as recipes and stories about it from my grandma..i dont believe there are alelover says..when i get this monster goin..there will be stories 

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good luck....might as well give it a go  thumb1.gif

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yeah..just don't let this thread die...I wanna see where ya go with this.....that thing looks like you could do at least two pigs side by side, or maybe a pig and a lamb....That would be awesome.


Good food, good fun, and good memories man..that's what it's all about.




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I am curious as to where you are at on this man?

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i havent been able to start yet..i started this thread a day or 2 after my daughter was born, and as luck would have it i really dont have much free time atm..not to mention how much of a financial impact she has had on my wife and i..after we get really floating again i should be able to start up on it..


i have been searching around for a sandblaster thats not too expensive to rent or buy and havent come across any good finds yet..once i find that i should be able to really chart out a plan for the project

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Looking forward to seeing how this turns out when the timing is right.

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Man if that smoker could only talk...Man thats your GRANDPAWS  that is a treasure...What a find...Hey Grandmaw what about it ????

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Congrats on the new little one!  I wouldn't restore it yet - I'd use it!  Instead of smoking a cigar in honor of your little girl, smoke some ribs.  Rust only ads character to a good smoker - call it patina and move on.  That thing looks great.

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