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Massive pork butt

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ten pounder!!!! Smells good! went on around noon edt can't wait and had to show it!!243437_1894093797463_1395094251_32070448_6582309_o.jpg

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Wow, A 10#er !!!!!!

Hope you got plenty of cold ones ready,This is gonna be a "marathon" smoke  yahoo.gif

It's lookin good,Keep the Qveiw comin'  kewl.gif

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Great look  i am waiting for the next Qview popcorn.gifpepsi.gif


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got to get the other camera but here is one for the blooper reel, this is what happens when you ask your friend to throw a few chips for a little extra smoke242679_1894566689285_1395094251_32071080_2481589_o.jpg

Then he takes it as half the bag..................wtf1.gifROTF.gif

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WOW !!!!!  


At least when I did that, all that happened was our temps went to 400 plus. I was drinking tho. Of course we were using a woodburner.

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yyyyyyyyyyyyyyep... LMAO it was 430 inside, at least that's what the thermometer said before the flash fire, quelled by a well placed splash of water then back to 250 .... pretty exciting.

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We all have at lease one of these - be glad yours did not involve cheese

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OMG     Maybe it was as bad as what I did.


Did ya save the meat?


And our temps didn't go back down quite that fast.


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Is it done yet?

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