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Spare or Baby back

Poll Results: Spare or baby back ribs for throw down

Poll expired: May 20, 2011  
  • 57% (12)
    Spare ribs
  • 42% (9)
    Baby Back
21 Total Votes  
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Ok wanted to get everyone opinion on this. I am having a rib throw down with a buddy next Sunady for my wifes B-day so should i use Spare or Baby back ribs?

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I'm doing both right now, but back ribs are my favorites

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If you are gonna use baby make sure they are fresh. The last two times I have done baby's they were flavor enhanced and I wasn't a big fan of the flavor they used to enhance them with. 

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I love my babybacks

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But the next question is flavor enhanced or fresh????

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both are just the hormel criovac packages as the baby backs are on sale for 2.99 a pound

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Both are good

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Spares for me. 

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ok one more question sauce or no sauce while cooking? I am thinking of doing one rack with just rub and saucing the other rack.

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Baby backs, mop the last hour.

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Its a toss up but I voted for baby backs. Either way you can't go wrong. But if you are doing a competition I would suggest doing the St Louis style cut on your spares for a better presentation.

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Bears opinions:

Spares---Fresh---No sauce on while smoking (sauce served on the side).




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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post

Bears opinions:

Spares---Fresh---No sauce on while smoking (sauce served on the side).




I second that...





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Well if you truely want the competition to be based on cooking skill you should both be using the same cut of ribs and from the same manufacturer. I suggest you go shopping for ribs together and both purchase them at the same time. Then the competition is based on your skill to make them taste good.

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My opinion...don't buy cryovac garbage...go to meat counter, and get fresh ribs..don't matter if they are baby back or spare....have the butcher remove the membrane and wrap them up for you..can't beat fresh, no flavor enhance, or soaked in solution ribs.    smoke them dry, no mopping..but use a spray bottle and spritz them once an hour with some apple cider vinegar.  use the 2.2.1 method.




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