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Smoking an 8 lb butt today!

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Between work, weather, and kids I have been slacking on my cooking.  That changes today.  Just got a hell of a deal on a nice looking butt!  I love saying that.  I have been browsing some of the rubs and sauces on SMF and going to steal some here and there.  I am about to get it ready and will post pics.  I am also going to smoke grill some chicken breast for the women.  I like a nice sun dried tomato sauce in which I apologize but it is a recipe I can't share.  I am going to grill some sweet corn as well and smoking some sweet taters.  I have never smoked sweet potato's and if you can give me a heads up on about how long they should cook that would be appreciated.  I am going to cook around 235 degrees.beercheer.gif

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Good luck!

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Nice when you can talk about nice butts and good deals without getting slapped or winding up in the dog house!!! LOL!

Don't know about smoking sweet potatoes, but that gives me a new idea. Thanks!

Can't wait for your Q-view!
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Looking forward to seeing some qview

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Not here yet.  I am stuck with the kids this morning which makes it difficult to enjoy the brew and Q.  The wife will be home later and the tops will pop.

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First is the rub.  Tony's is a staple here.  Onion powder, black pepper coarsely crushed, salt, paprika,Cayenne pepper, and brown sugar.  I also jabbed about 7 holes in the butt and inserted some garlic cloves..




Rubbed it down nice and heavy..




Painted this dude with some yellow mustard and threw it on the smoker.  Cooking at 235 to some what speed things up.  I am using mesquite wood chips and I put a catch pan below the meat to grab the juices and continue to mop with them all day.  Should be awesome..Can't wait until the beer can come out.

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Looks like a good start. Remember since you jabbed holes in it the IT must get to 140 in 4 hours or less.

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Why is that?  All I did was cut small slits in the fat and slide the garlic underneath and on top of the meat.  Thanks for the tip.beercheer.gif

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Damn!   The weather hates me!  The internal temp was at 175 and I needed about 25 more degrees and the bottom fell out.  A storm snuck up on me.  Then I pull everything out so I can get my smoker covered and on my way in the door the damn dog made me stop causing the butt to fly in the floor!!!!!  I was furious...My wife told me it was okay and that it is not ruined and she asked why I was so mad.  I told her because it will not look as good on my pics....She then called me Martha Stewart.  It is now in tin foil in the oven getting the last 25 degrees.  At least I have some beer now.  beercheer.gif

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How did it turn out?

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It turned out well.  I snapped this pic around noon today after I pulled it out of the fridge.  Put it back in the oven to warm it up and it fell apart and was really juicy!  Shredded some up and place on a nice sourdough roll with some head country bbq sauce.  Yes sir it was good.

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