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Thanks everyone. It wouldn't have turned out this well if it weren't for SMF

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Next time, try leaving the rind on until after smoking; it will harden up, then you can slip your knife under the edge of the skin and loosen it and peel it off much easier.  The skin is pervious and will allow smoke flavor to penetrate it even though it's not brown underneath, you have more than adequate smoke flavor left in the belly after you remove the skin.  We did 24 full slabs at a time in one smokehouse and would de-rind 18 - 20 of them after smoking; the slabs closest to the smokehouse walls would sometimes overcook a bit and we'd just slip the knife under the edge all the way around, then grab the rind with a pair of channellock pliers and pull the rind off if warm enough, lol!  But, we never de-rind'd the belly before smoking, it would be way too floppy and hard to do, esp. with the soft skin.  The rest of the smoked bellies we sold with the rind on; about 20% of people liked to chew on the rind (just like fresh sidepork (fresh belly), always sold that with the rind on, as well as salt pork (pickled belly)...).

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Great looking bacon Joe, especially for your first try at it.   thumb1.gif

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Good idea Joe,

Try it with the rind on to see which way you like it. It seems a lot of people like the rind on, so they can chew on good smokey skin, plus it will hold together better when hanging. But I never heard anyone say their Bacon tastes "better" with the skin on.

Personally I tried it both ways, and I disagree that it doesn't lose flavor with the rind on. If the rind has good flavor, in my book that means some of the flavor stopped off on the way in. I guess it's just a matter of preference, but you won't know if you don't try it.

I also find I get more smoke flavor on my Beef sticks if I don't stuff them in skins, but that's MY OPINION, and that is why I make "Unstuffed Beef Sticks". I have had quite a few people agree with that one too.


Anything you don't try will always be a mystery, and it will just be someone else's opinion.



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Looks good to me Joe, I'm going to have to try this sooner or later.

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