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Originally Posted by alblancher View Post

Tell me what you want to see and do while down here and we can help you out.  Street car ride down St. Charles Avenue,  fried seafood platter and cold beer at Deanies,  morning begnets and coffee in the quarter,  a hurricane in Pat OBrien's piano bar or patio. sitting on the riverwalk eating a muffalota and drinking a Barque's root beer.  Brennans, Jacques Imos, Maspero's, KPauls, Central Grocery,  Cajun country a couple of hours to the west, casinos on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.   Sorry, I just love this town.


If we didn't have some ties in Ga still,we would have made our move to the N.O. or Bato Rouge area. New Orleans have been my favorite place to visit since the late 60s.


Dickie Brennan has a few absolutely phenomenal places to eat.. Cafe Dumonde...mmmmm.  You forgot to mention Dragos!!!  The best damn grilled oysters on this planet.


The Parkside... hell ya....I love N.O.!!!!


Ok I'll stop now...




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Does anybody have an idea on how many will be attending this event ?

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This is only the second year we have done this in Louisiana.  The first year there where ten of us I believe.  This year we have had at least a dozen local members express serious interest (including you of course icon14.gif), BoykJo and Michael Ark are making travel plans coming in from out of town.  BamaFan is trying to bring a couple of friends in with him.  We are hoping a good number of our North Florida Gathering friends are going to make it.


Wish I could give you a firm number, wish I "had" a firm number but people's plans change at the last minute.  No matter how many attend we will have enough food and good times for all of us.


We are still 3 months out so it is early.   When we start buying food we normally take the number of people we expect, calculate how much food we will need and then maybe double it!  What doesn't get eaten is packed up and sent home.


We'll start making plans for the grocery store beginning of October so I can give you the number we will be using then. 


Hope we can still count you in.





Any "locals" attending may want to plan on tenting out especially if you expect to have a beverage or two.  There are a couple of talented "story" tellers (liars) in the group and sitting around the campfire at night is one of the best parts of the event.


Young ones are welcome, I bet we can find some campfire treats for them, but once it gets late the conversation normally gets a bit "Adult" around the fire.




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I will be running the smokehouse the weekend of the party to do some bacon.  If you have never tried making your own bacon because you don't have access to cold smoke this is your chance.


I will be using pecan and a bit of oak for fuel.  Depending on when you get here I can run the smokehouse beginning Friday night, through Saturday and into Saturday evening.   I would like to have some of the new bacon for breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning.


Now is your chance to follow one of the many recipes members have posted on the forum and take a stab of curing your pork belly.   I have plenty of room so if you want to smoke buckboard, sausage, cheese  now is your chance.  Just let me know so I can set aside some space for you.   I will be trying to find belly the beginning of October.   I you just want to bring home a big slab I don't mind picking up some for you and curing it.





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Bacon............Count me in............. Been trying to figure out what I can contribute food wise coming with nothing but the clothes on my back and a suitcase full of spices and rubs. I can cure my bacon in two days. I also would like to make some sausage also if there is any equipment there..... arriving on wed will give me plenty of time to get something started and completed for the weekend. Will be getting my ticket on friday. a buddy of mine really wants to go with me but I am waiting confirmation from his spouse wife.gif   . If it doesnt pan out soon I will be asking if anyone would mind, if they are looking for a place to crash I will be renting a van for the week. Will be using it as a camper/house/hut or what ever.....  Might even use it for a cold smoker....biggrin.gif   I'll bet the rental co would like that..........   eek.gif   


Looking forward to seeing  all of you




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Joe, you are making quite a trip so don't worry about what to contribute.  I you would like to do some bacon let me know and I will pick it up for you when I get mine.  Minimum 2 weeks for me to cure so I will probably order and pickup up 2nd week in October.  Post or PM a spice list and I should have what you need, if not it is easier for me to pickup then to have you carry through the airport, your option.  If you have anything really unusual you may want to bring it along with you.


I can order bellies from a local butcher, They like to sell by the case so it would be three full size bellies.  They tend to be a bit thin but they are better and fresher then anything else I can find around here.


I am going to make a trip to a butcher/slaughterhouse in Eunice.  About three hours away.  They butcher local raised pigs and cattle every day for the community and I want to see what their belles look like.  If they are nice I may just pick them up a week early.  Any problem using frozen bellies if I have to keep yours a couple of weeks?   I wonder if they can find Berkshire Pork?


I will also be passing through Opelousas on the way to the butcher and I can stop at Targill.  They supply all the Cajun restaurants and butcher shops.  I can get pink salt, spices and equipment from them.


Hope your friend can make it, we still have plenty of room.  We should have a couch in the house if the smoke gets to thick the Van! 


Just thinking how you going to get the bacon back to NC?  Carry on never smelled so good!


Don't forget I don't mind picking you up from the Airport and lending you a tent or space in the spare bedroom if you want to save a couple of bucks.

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AL, my daughter was wondering about a shower. (Hose works for me). Is there any thing you want me to bring and make? My calendar is looking good so far. Nice timeing on the BAMA and LSU schedules :) By the way. Hopefully there will be some good games to watch that weekend anyway. Maybe I can bring a projector from work and make a big screen?

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Don't the sec give the best games ever?yahoo.gif

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We have a shower and separate bathroom.  We also have a washing machine and dryer so if you need to recycle clothes or towels we can handle it. 


When we set the date there where 2 things that went into consideration.  The Washington Parish Fair (the week before) and the home schedules for LSU, Bama and Florida St.  Looks like the best weekend.  Only thing we weren't able to consider was the opening of Deer Season.  I think we will be in the beginning of Bow Season down here, not sure.


If we have good weather I don't know how you can spend a better weekend    SEC Football, BBQ, a couple of cold beers and good friends. 


The house has Air Conditioning and I hope the new shed will be finished by then so we can stay dry if we do get a bit of rain.


I have Direct TV but it's only analog so if you want to bring some type of connection to run to a projector that's good with me.  We can either make up a co-axial cable or maybe you can bring a long one.  The cooking channel will not be on while there is football to watch.  BYU and TCU Friday night, Florida at Georgia Saturday early and Wisconsin at Ohio State late Saturday.  If you can bring another Direct TV decoder I guess we can find a place to tie into the satellite. 


Then NFL Sunday.


Glad you guys are still planning on making it.



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I'll get with ShooterRick and Eman.   Bob and Rick are in charge of the menu.  I keep adding things to the menu so I guess I about got them T'd off with me be we will have smoker space available if you want to do a bit of showen off.  Don't have the wild pig in the freezer yet so we will have to wait and see about that.



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Thanks Al. Can you tell me the model of your DIrect TV reciever and I'll look it up and see what connections are available. I have dish so my recevier wouldn't help. I can make as long of a RG6 cable as you need.  Might be pretty cool to set up a screen outside for a lot of people to gather around if I can pull it off. Sounds like there are going to be a pretty good crowd there this year. MIght need a port-o-potty?

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I would like to go, but we will just be settling in.

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Right now the commitments we have spending the night put us around 20.  There are a couple groups of local members that will be visiting us but I don't know if they intend on spending the night.  I also know of a couple of self contained trailers that will not put a large load on the system.  I still have one trailer power connection available.


Hope we don't need a porta potti.   Most of the guys can find a secluded tree for beer release, and I believe I will put a sink outside for food prep and washing dishes that will drain to the back of the property.  This should keep the amount of water going into the septic tank at a minimum.  You know, maybe a shower head outside will also help so consider bringing a bathing suit!


It should be fairly cool so it's not like people will be taking two or three showers a day. 


I can make a long coax cable and put a splitter on the cable box output if necessary or just disconnect the inside TV


BTW there is a new state park about 30 minutes away with cabins and tent facilities      for anyone looking to stay offsite.  .  Bogue Chitto State Park in Franklinton Louisiana

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Maybe you'll be able to reconsider your decision as we get closer Nepas.  We'd love to have you visit us.  If you come you'll have to do a sausage demo!



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Speaking of Sausage


I have a decent grinder and 5 lb stuffer,  I'll have hog casings and maybe some cellulose casings if anyone is interested in either learning how or doing.



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Yeah i would love to but i will have allot of unpacking to do.


Going to do a South SmokeOut in 2012 just like the 3 i have had up north.


Y'all will get the invite when i post it on the forum. I have friends in Fl, Al and they are liking late spring or Oct times.


Will keep ya posted.

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Originally Posted by alblancher View Post

Maybe you'll be able to reconsider your decision as we get closer Nepas.  We'd love to have you visit us.  If you come you'll have to do a sausage demo!



Would be a mini vac for me. So i would just want to eat and be lazy   sausage.gif  yahoo.gif

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That works also, plenty of opportunities to eat and plenty of opportunities to sit in the lawn chair and chat or nap at these gatherings.  Hope you decide to come, there are a lot of things to see and do in SE Louisiana if you want to add a day or two to your visit.

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The Saints will play in St. Louis that Sunday so the Quarter should be fairly quiet.

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I can bring my wonder wall projector.It hooks up with rca jacks .I have a 7 ft cord for it.th_dunno-1[1].gifIt cover most of a king size sheet that i use with it.

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