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SELA BBQ Gathering 2011 005_01.JPGSELA BBQ Gathering 2011 007_01.JPGSELA BBQ Gathering 2011 017_01.JPGSELA BBQ Gathering 2011 001_01.JPGSELA BBQ Gathering 2011 002_01.JPG

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Well I made it home fine. AL, Liz thanks for the hospitality! Was a great event and I'm looking forward to next year. Was great to see old friends and make a couple of new ones. Hopefully it will continue to grow. Bob, Sherri, RIck,Sandy, great food as usual. Joe the nice work on the sausage!

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Cool pictures, looks like everyone had a blast.

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Howdy all,

 Thanks to all that came down and enjoyed the SELA gathering. Thanks to Al and Liz for being such gracious host and allowing us the run of their farm.

All the food was good and the company was great. Was glad to see some old friends and also to make some new ones.

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It was sure a great time again. Thanks to everybody for such a great weekend and great food

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  Had a great time and great food at the SELA Gathering Saturday! I really enjoyed meeting everyone and putting faces to names. Not too mention personalities to names!  I only wish I could have been there for the entire time. I missed much of the great food. Next year will be a different story!




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I wanted to say something to all of the members of the SMF today. My family and I attended the SELA Gathering for the first time Saturdayyahoo.gif.  I have never been so warmly welcome to any event that I have ever attended in my lifebeercheer.gif!!  I wanted to send a special “Thank You” to Al and his wife for welcoming us into your home and allowing everyone to use your farm. I learned so much this weekend over and beyond just about smoking meat that I will never forget first.gif. Just to get away from the city and take the time to look up at the stars was amazing 77.gif.  Al, was gracious enough to allow us to use his telescope, I have never seen the moon like that before, it looked so close that it felt like I could touch it!!! And to see the rings on Saturn was so cool!!  My family and I had so much fun; words can explain the gratitude that we have to all of the SELA members that hosted/attended the meeting this year. There was so much food and everything was deliciousdrool.gif!!!  There was a lot of information that I took away from the meeting and will hopefully being putting to use very soongrilling_smilie.gif !!  Again, "Thank You" to everyone for all of the hard work that it took to put this meeting on,  I hope to be able to see everyone again next year!!!

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Thanks for the wonderful comments Shoneyboy,  you  made my wife smile.


I enjoy spending time with inquisitive children that want to learn. Maybe next time you'll be able to spend the night and we can bag a couple DSOs.  You had to leave early and didn't get to see the really neat stuff.  Jupiter was nice but still low on the horizon so the views where not a clear as I would have liked them to be.


SMF is a community of people that enjoy smoking food and sharing their experience with each other.  I can almost guarantee that any event associated with this forum will provide the same type of welcome.


Thanks again for the kind words and be sure to plan on camping out next time.


Oh, btw  Shoneyboy is taking these food prep classes and we learned as much from him as we where able to teach him.  





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         Again, that bacon was great - the kids want more !!!!  Please send your recipe and process for me to try and make some.


Thanks ,



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BobDog,  start with the calculator     I sugar cured the last batch an additional 10 days because I had the time,  use as much sugar and spices as you like, they do not affect the safety of the bacon.    I have some picks of your sausage making I want to post but I am waiting until the throwdown is closed 

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