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curing question

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Wanting to make some bacon for the 1st time. Where can i find tender quick or any other recomended cure? Haven't been able to find any at the local stores may be looking in the wrong places though.

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It is usually located in the spice, salt,pepper area. I have always found it down low usually on the bottom shelf. Most of the local gro stores carry it around here. You can go to the Morton website and order it...

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Roller is right, I thought the store I was in did not have any but found it on the bottom shelf by the regular salt and spices.

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looks Like you'll have to drive some, here's the store locator on mortons site. 

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Looks like that locator is correct for my region. You could always go to a local grocery store and make a special request. Sometimes they will get a few to put on the shelves and see how they sell.

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Thanks for the replys all found it at a meijers store in clarksville earlier today!!!!

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