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SFB Baskets

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After searching around all day i finally went to target and found some basket candidates for my CG SFB. Which one do you think would be my best bet. I was going to go the expanded metal route but i cant see paying 20$ for the sheet of it. I looked around for metal places to see if they had drops but there is no place around.


If I use this one I can fit two if I wanted 7.99$ each

photo 1.JPG



I can only fit one of these 5.99$ each

photo 2.JPG


And lastly I can fit one of these 7.99$ each

photo 3.JPG



The first two both say chrome but im not sure if they just say that and they are zinc coated or not; I know they are galvanized. Any way to tell for sure if its zinc or not. I'm thinking that since the first is a bathroom type basket and the second is a kitchen type basket that they probably are indeed chrome. The last one has a non stick coating, is that a problem? Thanks in advance.


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Take them all back. You do NOT want galvanized in any way in shape or form. Galvanized gives off bad smoke ...or some would say..poison smoke. Go to lowes and look for charcoal basket. I have CG with the offset myself. I went every where looking for the charcoal basket. Finally I said to heck with that and broke down and got myself some expanded sheet metal. It's really very easy to make your own charcoal basket out of sheet metal. If you have pliers, a vise grip, an angle grinder (to cut out your size) you can make a basket in less than an hour. It took me 45 minutes (I messed up but nothing I couldnt fix). It's very simple to make. whats more, you can make your own basket how deep or shallow you want.

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They say chrome though...they aren't galvanized.

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Well first off, before I took anything back. Did it say galvanized? Should have said electro or dip if it was to say. 


Second, if its chrome you can take a pair of angle cutting d!kes and nip it right on the end of a rod. If its chrome it will flake and peel. 

I would almost vote that since it was for a bathroom, that maybe its 409 stainless. 409 is still magnetic so that test wont tell for sure. 


I can tell you for a fact that these are not dip galvanized, I deal with dipped nuts bolts and washers every day. 


409 stainless is just slightly more expensive then mild steel so even at this low price, there is a chance its stainless.



Deafsmoker is correct in saying that the expanded isn't to tough to make into a basket if you have a few tools.


Where ya located at? There is a chance that you are close to one of us that builds, I would be glad to help ya out finding the material if your close. 

I even have a bench brake to bend it up for ya.



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Im in south jersey. Really the reason I didnt want to go the expanded metal route was cost; 20$ for a piece of metal grate seems like a lot to me. I took some picture of the in the box. The non stick "grill wok" fits pretty nice and I would even have to come up with a way to suspended. I dont think that it is deep enough though to put enough fuel in to keep it going that long; dunno.


photo 1.JPG


photo 2.JPG


photo 3.JPG


photo 4.JPG

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I say spend the $20, & do it right.

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I ended up finding a steel place near me today and got a piece of expanded steel much thicker than what you can by at HD or any store. It also has better holes I think for letting the ash fall through, the sheets at HD have a lot smaller holes. Any ways the 2x2 sheet cost all of 4.60 (by weight) and all the SS fasteners were about 2$ (also by weight). I did this all with no steel working tools at all and I think it turned out pretty good. All I used was a dremel with a cut off wheel, a couple 2x4s, some screws, a pair of leather gloves, and a sledge. The copper wire I wrapped on there sits on the lip of the SFB so I can slide the ash try out from underneath of it.


photo 1.JPG


photo 2.JPG

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Im glad you took my advice. Now go break in your smoker the RIGHT WAY by seasoning it. BTW the basket looks exactly like mine. How long did it take you to do it?


Oh and uh....speaking from experience..others may chime in the same or not with me but..that copper wiring...I wouldnt use it. I would put either bolts or cut off some 1/2 angle irons and slide them through the holes to sit on the lips. Why I say this? After 4 or 5 smokes, my basket has sorta moved/expanded and shrinked a little from so much heat. With my 1/2 angle iron slid through, it doesnt drop at all. By the looks of that copper, it looks like it is just barely sitting there. If you dont want to use angle irons, then some long bolts would work too. Just a tip is all.


While you are seasoning it, (and hopefully you did other mods too) check to see where your smoke leaks out. My smoking barrel for the life of me is bowed out. So what I did was I put foil all around the lips or openings where the door(s) closes. Cut the smoke leak down a lot. Happy smoking!!

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Congrate's of the awesome prices as well as a very nice job bending up your basket. 

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