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Smoking sirloin and whiskey

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I found an article in a  magazine  and modified it in to a smoking recipe

it came out yummmmy i thought i will share with you .

i took a  sirloin 2 lb removed most off  the fet DSC04473.JPG


 i use  2 cups kosher salt 2 cups brown sugar 1 cup off whiskey. mix off coriander garlic Blake pepper



i  mix it in a bowl


i put in a container 1/3 of the mixture  then the meat and then other 2\3 on top


i rotate the meat every 12 hours and it  look like this after 24 hours


i remove the meat after 24 hours and wash it well from the salt


after it dry off  i rub it with Blake pepper, coriander, garlic

and in the smoker for 2 hours with oak wood



first a quick bite on rye bread and then slice it for my sandwich to work





ahhh they hope a piece will fall offDSC04500.JPG






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That looks awesome.  Marinade sounds great.

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Great looking sandwich meat...i bet every sandwich at work put a smile on your face. icon14.gif Hope your helpers got a taste also.

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Great looking beef. I bet those sammies were good!

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