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Mes in it up on a sunday off!

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Well it's windy as hell today after to much rain, and not wanting to warm up! That ground hog is gonna get its butt smoked..... Ha, haa6890c85-96b8-2cba.jpg
9.60lb butt ready, injected with pear concentrate and Mustard, & jeff's rub recipea6890c85-978c-6c9a.jpg
Sauce time, jeff's sauce with some modifications, dehydrated hot peppers in actiona6890c85-9804-3b51.jpg
While the butt is doin it's thing, well we need dinner, so.. Southwest style rice with smoked jalapenos, chicken& kielbasa..a6890c85-98a7-ed0d.jpg
[IMG][/IMG Use jeff's rub in the saute and in the rice for sure...killer flavor!IMGa6890c85-9971-88d7.jpg
a6890c85-99b1-6d0a.jpgat 170* 10 hours in...not gonna foil... I can't hold it much longer captain... Lol
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That all looks awesome!  Nice eats!  beercheer.gif

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Looks like you will be eating well this week. Everything is looking great.   icon14.gif

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I have experiment on a few occasions, the mes, to me works best with mesquite wood chunks and lump charcoal cut in 1-1/4 inch thick chunks, not the bag hamster cage stuff from Lowes, that stuff sets on fire all the time.. I like a strong smoky flavor, if I have to search for the flavor eating a piece of chicken or whatever? It's not smoked, just slow roasted... Food for thought..
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Everything looks great, looking forward to seeing the butt finish.

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Well got it done, 10am start sunday until 5:30 am Monday morning, just in time for work...a6890c85-905b-79bf.jpg
Needless to say I missed the money shot, took it to work and feed 8, a great lunch to begin the week, only bone and fat leftover! Thank you Jeff and the forum for teaching me the way!!!! I'm already getting orders
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Good Job

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That's some great looking PP! Nice job!

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