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40 clove garlic chicken!

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Today I am going to start the 40 clove garlic chicken.  I am going to be updating with pictures as I start and throughout the process.  The first thing I have to do is give my smoker a good cleaning to get it geared up for the workload coming up this summer!  I generally do not brine my chicken but I think I am going to this time.  I use a heavy dose of mesquite on this garlic chicken because it really adds to the garlic flavor.  I will be posting more in a bit so stay tuned.


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That's alot of garlic!!!

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That is just the name.  There is not 40 cloves of garlic but there is a lot.  I got a recipe from someone and my wife was watching me make it and she asked how much garlic I was gonna use so I told her forty cloves.  Then I got a bit tipsy that night and it turned into a huge joke.  Everything I cook is forty clove something! 


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I love garlic, my vote goes for the use of 40 cloves. banana_smiley.gif

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I do too!  What I do is shove cloves under the sking all over the bird and get as many as I can in there.  Then I stick them in the cavity with some onions.  When the bird is done I like to eat the smokey cloves seperately, damn they are good!


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sounds good to me! whenever I cook steaks I oven roast 2 or 3 whole heads to squeeze out and eat on the steak and smeared on a piece of bread.

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40 cloves! Is that all?

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That's it.....Actually I am going to brine the chicken all night tonight and make it tomorrow.  I was outvoted at the house...The bad thing about having 2 daughters and a wife...they have the majority...the good news is they all want smoked cheeseburgers!  Win for me...I love the smoked burgers.  Outside of ribs they my be my favorite.  I make my own teriyake sauce in which I dump all over the hamburger before I patty them up!  I will post a new thread and show the entire process.  If you like a good burger this is the way to go....Chicken and fish to come this weekend...drool.gif


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I am definitely interested in seeing some smoked cheeseburger action! by the way how big are your birds to be brining over night? I got flack from my family for brining mine for around 6 hours when I fell asleep before I was supposed to take them out haha. (bird still came out awesome mind you.)

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I have gotten so much flack on a lot of stuff I have done while cooking but never complaints while they were eating!  I am not going to start the brine until late tonight.  It will be fine and I think the one I pulled out of the freezer is pretty big!  I will have to check. I am about to post the cheeseburger process.cheers.gif


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OH...love the garlic!!!! Can't wait to see some pics, i'll be waiting!  popcorn.gif

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Hey Grohl,


Don't give up on the garlic chicken, it's very good, I've made it following the recipe posted "Poulet a Quarante Gousses D'Ail" in the poultry section.


However, it would be difficult to chose between it and Teriyaki hamburgers, yours look very good.



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The yard bird is going to be smoked shortly.  I am waiting on it to dry out a little because it rained all morning.

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Originally Posted by eman View Post

That's alot of garlic!!!

Bob, There are a lot of Vampires in his area of Virginia ... LOL


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garlic is one of my favorite spices . just remember when the wife and i got together many years ago she fixed some garlic chicken that was so bad and so full of garlic that neither of us could eat it.

  was like eating raw pods.

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Just add one of these..........



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The gods were not with me yesterday.  About an hour into the smoking storms hit and it was so bad I had to pull the bird out early and finish it in the oven.  I have an electric smoker that I love and I am afraid of getting wet. Needless to say I saved the chicken and smoker but I got soaked.  As I was running in out of the rain I hit the floor with wet flip flops, that was the first time I have skied in years.  Desk and chairs are less forgiving than trees.  I am sorry I posted this now because I had everyone waiting on the finished result and the oven does not do it the justice of the golden smoke color.  I will cook one in the next couple weeks though, so bear with me.  I have some fish that has to get on there today.cheers.gif


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Its all good...no one can control mother nature!!! Sometimes she will just not work with ya!!!

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 To heck with the Qview I want to see video of the Skiing...biggrin.gif    first.gif

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I always make a 40 garlic clove Chicken for my daughter, as it is her favorite; except I use a clay cooker and the oven... :)




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