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Small RF trailer build DONE!! finished pics - Page 2

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I like the cage up front for wood nice touch.Can't wait to see it painted.

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Very nice... I need to find me some welding gear as well as I keep wanting to make a smoker. 

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Thank you Michael, I'm excited to see it painted too.  Hopefully not much longer.  Just a few little welding details and I can get started with the paint.


Nicky B, thank you.  The little Harbor Freight welder has done really well.  On a lot of non-critical things I've used it and for the most part have been very satisfied.  I am usually very unimpressed by their stuff, and I wouldn't want to use something that my life depended on it staying together, but this has been a good purchase.  Its main downside, is it's short duty cycle.  So I usually work on a couple of different things, weld and then let it rest while I cut on something else.  Plus it suits my ADHD personality.



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lookin marvelous

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Ok...though I have a few little things to take care of, I'm calling this one done. I am very happy with how it turned out. I have now done ribs on it, and some pork butts on it the last two weekends. We towed it 320 miles up to the Oregon coast and cooked for a family reunion. I had an 8 pound and a 7.5 pound pork butt, some corn, and then turned the heat up and cooked some salmon steaks that turned out very nice.

I've not done much towing, but I didn't have any problems with it on the trip. It is a pain to back up, as are most small trailers with short tongues, but even my 3.0l Ranger barely knows it's there.

Here's a pic of it in full dress, with the umbrella and side work table.
Here you see can see the propane burner and charcoal grill that attaches to the back side and stows in the cage, under where the burner is sitting.  The grill portion used to be my Chargriller's firebox.  It got a new handle and a sheet metal patch.  I and going to add a little chimney exhaust to it.  On the last picture of the bbq below, you can see the plate it hangs on.
This is a good view of the front side.

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Hello Crash


What a beautiful build ! Man you have it all there. I like how you mentioned your truck because I have a Mazda 3000 (very similar). Anyway, I can picture a future build on the back end of the truck. Thanks for that.


Enough said, I'm sure everything is fine, it's been calculated and hope I didn't miss it in the thread. My question is about the propane tank close to the cooking chamber. I want to add a a 4 burner (from a trailer) close to my cooking chamber, so what do I need to concern myself with?


Thanks in advance and a great build, congrats



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Congrats on a fantastic build!
Looks like it'll be giving you years of gret 'Q!
I love the umbrella idea and will be stealing it:biggrin:
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That is a piece of smoking art and you my friend are piccaso. How hard was it to get a license plate for that rig?

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Thank you guys.  CanadianNewbie...I'm not sure I know exactly what you're asking regarding the propane.  If it's about the safety of having the propane tank that close to the cook chamber (acting as a heat/ignition source), to me it's a non-concern.  Propane bottles go under gas grills all the time.  Millions of them.  The only open flame is at the opposite end of the trailer and it's pretty much all closed in.  If you meant the amount of heat that it would put out causing a change in temperature of the smoke this case it is a single burner and the world is a much bigger place than my bbq.  :)  What I mean is the heat should dissipate largely up and away.  If there is any radiant heat gained by the cooker, it has a long way to go to affect the food inside, and as I wouldn't be using the burner unattended, I would notice it on the thermometer and adjust the temps accordingly.  So I say go for it.  :)  I also thought about this situation regarding the charcoal grill and decided it wouldn't really have a huge impact.


Spankerchief...thank you and go for it regarding the umbrella.  I happened to have a piece of pipe sitting around that was the perfect diameter for the umbrella tube.  It makes a very nice canopy to work under.


Keymaster...thank you and getting a license plate has been as easy as borrowing my friend's off his trailer.  At least until I can get to the DMV to get my own.  :-O






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Great job, I like the details. 

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That's a beauty! You did a wonderful job!

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Nice build.  Congrats on a great build.  Happy smoking!!!

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I just love that smoker rig! You did an amazing job!

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Thank you guys.  I seriously wouldn't have known where to start if it weren't for this place and thesmokering.  Seeing so many amazing builds and having so many people who've built them before is a great resource for us to have.  I am loving the space this cooker affords me over what I've used for the last 4 or more years.  I will be cooking pulled pork at a friend's birthday party so it will be fun and interesting to see it get loaded up with more meat.  :)



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Sweet rig Darrin!!!!

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Very nice job on the rig came out great! Congrats!!!!

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Thanks for the info Crash !


Again - congrats on a great build.



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Just wanted to tell you that you've convinced me to do a smaller build!  I've been thinking about a big cooker, but I think I'd learn a lot to build one this size first.  I think you've got a good size for family and friends.


One thing I noticed.  Your firebox looks a little big in comparison to the cooking chamber.  How easy has it been to stabilize your cooking chamber at 200-250?  Have you thought about adding a warming chamber above your firebox?  You've done a great job with that HF welder, which just proves you don't have to have a big shop full of expensive tools and welders!


I looked at the HF welder, but went with one from Northern that had the gas line and regulator.  I'm just learning too.  I'm going to start getting everything together for a Fall've inspired me!yahoo.gif

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