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Dualing smoke

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Decided to try something new this weekend. I wanted to try a new chuckie rub but when I got to the store they had some shoulders on sale. I decided to break out a new pork injection I have been working on.


So, on the WSM now is a 3 pound chuckie and a 6.5 pork shoulder. First one to 165 gets the


Well, they are both getting the foil...


dualing smoke.jpeg

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Looking good.

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Nice!!! Can't wait till later!!!

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It's been four hours and the chuck is already at 165, the shoulder is 148.


4 hrs in.jpeg

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Looks goof from where I'm sitting.

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Looks great!!


This is where it gets hard to keep from burning your lips, tongue & fingers!


And my paws & claws too!




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Looks great so far!

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OK. Got it finished but forgot to post pics. The chuckie took about 5.5 to 6 hours. Had a good taste, full of juices, even the next day when I made a sammie while watching the first round of the Masters.





The pork rolled on for 12.5 hours. She hit her stall point around the 6 hour mark and sat for a good 1.5 hours before moving on up to 205. As I side note, I'm done with foiling. From this point on, shoulder will be riding the thin blue smoke unobstructed their entire time on the WSM. This one came along just well, as you can see from the clean bone.



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Awesome Job

Thanks for sharing

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Great job looks real good

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They both look great. Nice work!

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I havent foiled shoulder on my WSM yet. The bark comes out great!

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Looks great, I do not foil either on pp
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