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Well that may be bad for now just like butter was bad at a time and margarine was better, then that was bad and butter was better. Aspirin was bad now its good for the heart. Cocaine was good now that's bad along with heroin and many other drugs. High fat low carb is good and bad as well as low calorie is good and bad, depending on who says it is so. The problem with all of this is there is always a special interest paying someone to say something is good or bad. I don't eat smoked meat everyday because that probably is not good but I enjoy it and I feel everything at moderation can't really hurt you. Now I don't condone drugs (marijuana is not a drug) and I don't think eating fatty food daily (even though my wife is a low carb girl) is good for you, but either is being vegetarian or low cal, etc. Our bodies were made to eat certain things and way back when we learned how to make fire (no matter your beliefs) we basically were somewhat smoking food. it may be bad in some way like driving cars are bad but so is walking. So in my eyes Dr. Oz is just another hack telling us how to do what based upon what special interests tell him to do ( I know people who have smoked their whole lives and not had lung cancer and also people who have never smoked and got lung cancer). I feel everything in moderation is ok and if smoked meat kills me then so be it. p.s. I am healthy as hell and a smoker and smoked meater and drinker and everything I liker. I hope I don't offend anyone cause this was not meant to.



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if you got to die of something, smoked meat would be the way to go!

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Thanks all........and keep on smoking C'mon

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I've always been a believer in moderation. I also remember a time when they said coffee was bad for you! Like I used to say when I lived in FL, If you don't like the weather, give it a minute and it will change! I feel the same every time someone else comes out with a new claim that something is "bad" for you.


Smoke em if you got em and happy smoking!



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Who the hell is Dr. Oz!?! ...... hey doc, smoke this!

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I hear a duck, what a quack.  Hey Doc...go to hell...and take harpo back with you!

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Doc Oz can go piss up a stump.


I ain't gettin' off this rock alive anyhow, might as well enjoy a nice meal or two from my favorite cooker on my way out the door.


All things in moderation: I love smoked meat, but hate when I overeat. I love a nice Scotch, but don't care for being drunk, I enjoy the occaisional cigar, and exercise five mornings a week. Who's got the right to say any of that's wrong? Not some clown on the tube, that's for darn sure!


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