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Greetings From a Newbie in Southern Illinois...

Poll Results: Did I allow the temperature of my chicken to get to high?

Poll expired: May 7, 2011  
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Good day all.  I have been lurking and reading this forum for the last several months.  What a great community and an invaluable information source.  I am totally new to smoking.  I just got the smoker put together I got for christmas and tried out some chicken this weekend.  All and all it turned out good with only a few learning points.  The equipment I use is as follows - Grill Pro Propane

Smoker, Weber Charcoal Kettle Grill,  Charbroil Propane Grill.


2010-2011 715.JPG


Chicken Legs that were Brined in the Slaughter House Brine for 4 hours.  Then seasoned 4 different ways for 24 hours, including 1 bag in Italian dressing.  1 bag in McCormicks Poultry Rub, 1 bag  Uncle Joes Rub (local) and 1 Season Salt



2010-2011 717.JPG




The begining of the smoke.  I used Apple Wood Chips and tried to maintain a 300 degree temperature



2010-2011 718.JPG



I almost forgot with about an hour left of the smoke I thru on some Brats that had soaked in a Pale Ale for 4 hours and some garlic portabella mushrooms



2010-2011 721.JPG




2010-2011 723.JPG



The completed mushrooms - really didn't have much of a smoky flavor to them.  I think I would have been better off putting them earlier when the smoke was really rolling, before it died down a little - Good Stuff though!


2010-2011 726.JPG



The brats were the same way, they didn't pick up much of the smoky flavor I was looking for and could have stood to stay on a little longer or be placed a little lower in the Smoker to give them a little more crisp snap.  The full flavor pale ale really came thru though - this was a cold 4 hour soak - no boiling here!



2010-2011 727.JPG



The chicken ready to come off the smoker.  Total time 2:40 minitues.  As you notice I have it probed in one of the bigger pieces towards the top of the smoker.  I have read the chicken is done between 167-180 degrees.  I was wanting to make sure these were done as it was my first attempt at this, once it reached 174 degrees I decided to pull them out as the time was getting longer than I had anticipated.  When I done this I also probed a piece towards the bottom of the smoker and it hit at 187 degrees.  It was a little more rubbery and not as tender as I would have liked but all and all pretty good, and a nice flavor.  I guess my favorite would have had to have been the one with the "Uncle Joes" rub on it.



2010-2011 728.JPG



Plated up with some garlic mashed potatoes on the side!


2010-2011 730.JPG

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I pull my chicken at 168 and let the carryover cooking handle the rest.


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I agree, I think you should have pulled it off a little sooner. You can always put it back on if it's not done.

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Looks very good and welcome1.gifTo the site you will find alot of great info.


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i pull my bird at 167 and it has worked for me.

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I voted no. Here's the reason why. With just a few posts I wonder if you know how to make sure if your therms are calibrated. The one mounted on the door is most likely not-accurate. Your digital is most likely accurate but I would check it out now and on a regular basis if you smoke alot. Looks like you made sure it was on the safe side and all looks great. Keep it up and share the wealth. ;)



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