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Belly Bacon

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Well I got 12 lbs of bellies from my butcher.  I removed the skin and rubbed them using Bearcarver"s recipe (1/2 oz of TQ/lb of meat and 1 tbs brown sugar/lb).  In to some vacum sealed bags.  These stayed like this for nine days while I was on the road working.  Jo (the wife) flipped and rubbed the bellies once a day for me (lucky meat)



Once I got home I took them out of the vac packing and into a sink of ice cold water.  Here they sat for an hour.



Did a quick little salt taste.  Just look at the color and that's before smoking.  Perfect salt content!!icon_smile.gif



Quick pic of my smokehouse



Here we are after a couple hours (you can see my little sampler on the top bar LOL).  You can just make out the TBS



In this next pic you can see the hot plate I used as my heat source.  I kept my chip pan (aka cast iron frying pan) just above the element and this held my temps around 98-101 for the entire smoke.  I used a mix of hickory and maple and smoke these for around 12 hrs.  One pan of chips smokes for about 6 hrs.  



Once smoking finished they had taken on a wonderful color.  The bottom one was coated in CBP




Sliced up




And a pile of bacon



And of course need to fry some up and eat it sorry no finished pics but it was a battle for every piece this stuff turned out soooo good I don't think I will every eat store bought bacon again.




I would like to give a big thanks to Bearcarver for posting his recipe for us all to use.  Next up I just bought a 11 lb loin so Canadian Bacon is on the list gonna rub it in cure vac pac and off to camp I go for 9 days (gotta love the way my schedule is almost designed to make bacon) thanks for checking out my bacon.


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Great color & it looks perfect, Dennis!!!!


I'd come up for breakfast, but my map doesn't go that far North!


Did you give Santa some Bacon???  biggrin.gif


Keep up the great work!




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Great looking bacon! Congrats on a job well done (no pun).

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