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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post
 I think Dave said youngone is the only one other than him who have registered already.

come on Al, how long have we known each other now ;)  haha jk


hello all, first off Al thanks for going and scouting this out for us...i'm fine with the switch of sites and i can call tonight (i've been super swamped today with meetings at work so no phone access) to make that change if everyone is ok with it.  as of now i think myself and youngone are the only registered campers (in the area i reserved). 



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Is everybody OK with moving to the group site?

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Thanks Al & Judy,


Here is a repost of what I put in your piquant thread for everyone:


Will be ordering the three trophies next week to make sure we have them in time.

          The plates on the trophies will read:


" 1st Annual South Florida Smoking Meat Forums Gathering"

                     " Best In Ribs 2011"


" 1st Annual South Florida Smoking Meat Forums Gathering"

                     " Best In Chicken 2011"


" 1st Annual South Florida Smoking Meat Forums Gathering"

                      " Best In Special Dish 2011"


If anyone has changes in mind or better wording or anything that'll

make the trophies really stand out, let me know before 9-15-2011.



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Thanks for getting the trophy's James!


I haven't heard from anybody about changing the sites, but even if they don't want to change I think 


getting the screen room would be a good idea, even if you have to walk a ways from your campsite.


The sites 22-28 are in very low ground & muddy right now, I guess they would dry out by Nov.


The group site the lady suggests we get is much higher & grassy.


I hope that the screen room is not taken before everyone makes up their mind.

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Hi Everybody,


I just booked the screen room for Nov. 5th, Saturday & Saturday night.


The lady said the group site next to the screen room is still available if you guys want to change.



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Is this like invitation only.



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Nepas...only invitation needed is being a part of this forum! you want to come out with us? 


Al and the group...i haven't heard from YoungOne but i'll call tuesday and book the group site and cancel my site as well as the unmanned sites i reserved.  Hopefully this is ok with everyone.



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WoW Nepas, we would love to have you & your sausage take a ride down here!

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Good call, Al!

Everyone will be a lot closer to the site me and mrs turnip have reserved.



Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Hi Everybody,

Judy & I took a ride down to the campground today, to check out the campsites & buy some gator tail. The lady there suggested we move to a group site (site 48-49). I looked at sites 22-28 & also the group site & I think everyone would be happier at the group site. It has electric, there is a very large area for us to be in shaded by a huge oak tree, with tables underneath & even has a fire ring. The bath house & restrooms are right next to it and there is a large screened in patio area adjacent to the bath house. It has electric outlets, lighting & ceiling fans. I don't think the nightly fee will be much more than the other sites and if you'all decide on switching Judy & I will pay for the screened in patio for Saturday & Saturday night. This way we won't have to worry about the weather or bugs. It would be a perfect place to set up the food tables. The lady said if you have already reserved a spot she would just change you to the group site. I think Dave said youngone is the only one other than him who have registered already. If it's OK with you youngone & the rest of you folks going down there to make the change, then just let me know so we can change sites & I can get the screen room reserved for us.


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TM, which site did you reserve?

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i'm going to call soon to change from sites 22-28 to the Group Site 2 as suggested by Al.  Does anyone have YoungOne's (Brenda) phone number or email? she hasn't been back on here in awhile and wanted to let her know about the change?



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Doug, even if you decide not to change sites, I'm still renting the screen room, so the worst case scenario is you will have to walk over to it from your site instead of being there all the time. Since I don't have a campsite reserved I will probably just setup outside the screen room hopefully everyone will be OK with having the screen room being the main gathering place for the food & festivities.

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I think the change is for the best...like you said its a better place (less crowded), powered, and it'll be close to the screened area.


i'm calling to change now

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Group Site 2 has been reserved.  Hopefully YoungOne gets on here so we can update her.  the staff member i talked to offered to cancel her reservation but i wanted that to come from her mouth not mine.  :)


she also asked if we wanted power at the site...i said no for now but we can change that.  its $55/night for non-powered and $75/night for powered.  With the group site we get unlimited parking and $4/night per person. Once we get the final list of campers we can figure out that payment...also they gave us a 15% discount for putting the whole reservation on one credit card. 


For the power...what do you guys think? We get power with the screened house that Al reserved for us. Do we just want to use that power for saturdays cooking events or do we want power at the campsite throughout?


I still have to heard back from Calculus and FPNMF...


Nepas - are you joining us, we'd love to have you!

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Sorry Guys Ive been offline for a while,......  Let me confer with my folks before giving a definite decision.... remember I'm bringing 2 rambunctious kids and a dog,  Is everyone OK with the noise my little buggers could make?

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hey brenda, glad to see your back! 


i'm sure we are all fine with the kids :)  did you see the update about us getting group site 2 instead of the previous sites we reserved.  i went ahead and cancelled my reservations at the original sites but left yours alone, she had asked me if you were going to cancel also and i told her you would call to give her that answer.



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Hi All,


I want to thank you all for your diligence and work in this Gathering we

are planning. I am so thrilled that it is getting closer, and that I am going

to be able to meet, in person, the wonderful people of this forum.


Delivery of the trophies will be 9-15-2011. I can't wait. I'll post the pics.


I have to say this...because I feel that the people of this forum are genuine,

helpful, caring and so passionate about what we do, I could run into any problem

and all I have to do is ask for help and it is there REALLY fast. Solid.


I look so forward to meeting you...James


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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

I think your right Doug and since Turnip offered to contact them, is there anything else that we need to ask about. Like maybe a large area or pavillion that we would be able to use. I think we need to at least have a covered area with tables or something like that. Even if it only had a couple of picnic tables & an area next to it for a couple of small smokers. I think it would be fine, unless we get more than 10 or 15 people who would want to come. Then I guess we would hope one of us had a trailer rig. I'm starting to get exited about this now.

Hey Al,

If You have it someplace for RVs, I'll bring my Rottisserie rig down. Let me know.


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Originally Posted by Rubbin Butts View Post

Hey Al,

If You have it someplace for RVs, I'll bring my Rottisserie rig down. Let me know.


There are RV spots right by the screen room that we are using on Saturday. On the map I have it looks like spots C2 and C4 are right


next to the screen room & just across the street from the group site where everyone will be camping. You can call the campground at


863-675-5999. We have group area #2, and the screen room reserved (screen room Sat only, group site Fri, Sat, Sun).


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Hi Y'all, I just signed up to SMF, made my first post in Roll Call. I have actually been one of those lurker's for the last 8-10 months (3-4 hrs a night). My wife and I would really like to attend the gathering If y'all wouldn't mind a "newb" joining ya ? We will be in a camper so I am going to call Sunday (9/11) morning and see If they have any sites close to group area 2.  TM, I see you say that you are in Manatee/Hardee County, where abouts ?  We are in Palmetto area.


    Please let me know If newbies are welcomed to the gathering.



    Thanks, Keith

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