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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post

Looks Awesome John!!!!


I have found that if you do a rib roast like you did (like I do too), at 225˚ for the whole time to 135˚ to 145˚ (Med/Rare) in the center, the whole thing is nice and pink, side to side & end to end.


However if you have people there who like it medium or more, all you have to do is jack the heat up a bit.

That will give you Med/Rare in the middle slices, and more done pieces on the ends.



LOL---One of the few food things Mrs Bear and I agree on----We both like our beef nice and pink!


Can you tell us anything about that side dish on the top right???




Im with Bear! tell us about that side dish. The green beans look very vibrant as well. did you save your juice for some ju


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They are expensive but I have noticed they are a lot cheaper around Christmas time. I try and stock up to freeze but we end up eating them really quick!
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What a meal, yum!

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