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Reheating Pulled Pork

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Here is my situation. I am going to start smoking a 10 lb pork shoulder at 6pm tonight. I am hoping it will be done around noon tomorrow because i leave to go turkey hunting 5 pm and am planning on bringing the whole thing with. That way I can take it out of the smoker at noon or 1 or so. I guess whenever it reaches 200, and let it rest. My question is can i then wrap it in foil, leave it in a crock pot on just the warm setting, and then drive 1 1/2 hours to the turkey camp and pull it there? So basically it would only be in a croc pot from 2-6 roughly while wrapped in foil??? Where we are staying we have no other source to reheat it up and where planing on eating it all weekend. Let me know what you guys think.

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Are you going to have it in the crock pot in the car, and the crock pot running (in the car)? If so that will help. Otherwise it will stay warmest wrapped in foil, wrapped in a towel, in a cooler, whole. Then you can pull it there and eat. If you pull it now it would lose a lot of heat

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Just leave it wrapped in the foil, then cover it in towels & put in a cooler. It will stay HOT for HOURS & you won't lose all the juices. Hope you do get done in time. How about a little qview for the crew!!

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I was planning on pulling it there either way. Just didn't know if i should keep it wrapped in foil and towels in a cooler, or in foil and in a crock pot on low from the time of 2pm-6pm?

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I would say alot depends on where you live. Florida= towels and cooler will be fine. Michigan=Crock pot is the only way to go. icon_mrgreen.gif


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I live in south dakota. It will be in the low 30's driving down to nebraska tomorrow for opening archery turkey season.

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I also live in South Dakota as well.  If you can run the crock pot while in the vehicle I'd do that, however if you can't run the crock pot in the vehicle, I'd definately foil, wrap in a towel, and put in a cooler.  Coolers are made to insulate things so it'd be the best to hold the temp in the absence of a heat source.  Good luck turkey hunting. 

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Or........foil and wrap in a cooler for the trip....then in a crock pot once you reach your destination if your concerned it will cool off in the cooler.

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I have wrapped many a pork butt in foil then in towels and into a cooler for as long as 6 hours with no temp drop

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Scarbelly X2

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X3. You'd be amazed how long a foiled & towel wrapped butt will hold it's heat in a cooler.

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I agree with the cooler maneuver.

If truly concerned about heat loss, fill the cooler halfway with boiling water, lid it up, and let it set for about 20 minutes to "preheat" it, then drain the water, and add the foiled, toweled meat.

Beyond that, if you really really need to trap some heat, do the hot water, and heat up two or three foil-wrapped bricks in the oven until they're just too hot to hold, and add them underneath the foiled, toweled meat.

Insulation is mass, the more mass you have retaining heat, the longer the heat will stick around.

Good luck!

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I'm with Gary on this one. I would use the cooler trick, just make sure that you pack the cooler with towels that way your butt will stay hot for many hours.

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An extreme color






wrap in Heavy duty foil then news paper and towels, place cardboard in the bottom of the cooler place the meat inside and add more cardboard or newspapers on top, place a blanket over top of the cooler.




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