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Here's a pic of my chili dogs i made. man am a fan of pink's over here in Hollywood but i got say i did as good or better than them!!!!! BTW that homemade chili and pickled jalapenos sausage.gif


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!!Whoa!!! that is one good looking dog!!bravo2.png77.gif !!

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Those are some great looking dogs man. I would love to have a couple of those for sure

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Those look perfect, I copied your recipe and will give it a try on my next batch.


I'm glad I waited to place my order, I'm not a kraut fan, but I'll take a couple of chili dogs!



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Dude, that is one beautiful chili dog!   points.gif

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Those do look nice.  Congrats!  I have been trying to work up the courage to try emulsified sausages.


Good luck and good smoking!

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Everyone should give it a shot these dogs are so much better than most store bought ones!!! beside you get to choose what kind of meat goes in them. and another thing the price for premium wieners is outrageous!!

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All Beef Dogs are my favorite---AND yours look Awesome!!!!    sausage.gif


Nice Job!




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nice dogs!!! i'm gearing up for sausage making and these are on my list big time......

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Nice looking hotdogs... I'll have 2 with Mustard Onion and Kraut...

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those look great!


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Dude , i'm so inspired i just made a call and a put out a  bribe of a old red bullet ,and boston butt or pulled pork meal to my carpentar freind he said he has enough wood to build small smoke house.We will see  i'll keep my fingers crossed.He  will also be given a lesson on the faitfull day.I have a slab all ready from old 3ton split system know on package, now much quieter.

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Those look awesome. Looks-Great.gif. I'll take mine with chili, cheese and bacon.

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great looking Dogs! I have been wanting to try all beef dogs I will have to try your recipe.

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My favorite hot dog are Sabrets from NYC but I have to say those look like a good run for the money!  I am putting that on my list.  It cost to much money to ship in Sabrets to the Pacific NorthWest.  


Those with a little mustard and sauerkraut would be to die for.



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AWESOME!!! I love dogs, this makes my pork chops on the smoker tonight look a lot less appealing...

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Dang that chilli cheese dog looks absolutely awesome.  My mouth is watering and I dont even have any beer on hand.

I copied your recipe and this will be my next smoking project.

Whats the deal with the sheep casings?

Can you use any other say collagen?

I'd hate to screw em up!

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Did someone say Chili Dog!!!drool.gif


Dang! Those look good.

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I used sheep casing cause i wanted to give it a shot with those i got a hank for 30 bucks!! so its not to expensive they are a little more difficult to use than pork since they do yield a more tender product. i never tried make them with collagen casings i would like know if anybody here has used the to make dogs before. i usually use collagen for snack sticks. icon_razz.gif

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All you need to finish those off is a little mustard and a nice heap of kraut!


Nice work!



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