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Well, my son decided it would be nice if I made some pastrami for him to take for lunch next week.

So, a few days ago I picked up 2  2.6lb hunks of corned beef brisket.



All seasoned up & ready for the smoker.



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I can't wait to pick up a bunch next week when they go on sale. 


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Five and a half hours later, just before going into the fridge to rest overnight.



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I put them on the smoker around 4pm, and pulled around 9:45 pm. At that point they were at 184 degrees. They're all foiled up and resting in the fridge to be sliced tomorrow.


More pics to come tomorrow!

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Originally Posted by boykjo View Post


Me too! I can't wait to find out how they turned out!


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Looks good AK1

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Thanks!  I'll admit we did take a few slices off the end before it went in the fridge. Colour is good, it's got that nice pastrami red colour. Flavour seems good, just a hint of spice from the black pepper in the rub. Son likes it. Hopefully it'll be just as tasty or better once it's sliced up.

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Looks good nice jobicon14.gif

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Looks good AK, boy those got done real quick. Most of the pastrami's I have smoked took at least 8 or 9 hours, some as long as 14. Since they went so quick I bet there going to be real tender.

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I was surprised they went that quick. When I stuck the probe in after 4 hrs the meat was at 142 internal, and I thought... oh well, this may take a while. When I went back about an hr later it was 163, so I left and came back to check around 45 mins, and they were at 184. I thought, that's good enough for me!!


I think because they were 2 small pieces, it may have contributed to the quick smoking time.



Anyhow, here's a pic of the one piece all sliced up;



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Looks GREAT!!!


I just put 2, 3-5 & 4 pound store bought corned beefs on the smoker @ 230 degrees.  I topped them with fresh ground pepper, onion powder, garlic powder & brown sugar.  I hope 7 hours will be enough.


Heck after seeing yours I'm hungry now)





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Looks great AK. Whatcha rub em with?

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I left the pickling spice that the briskets came in and just rubbed on a bunch of ground black pepper.

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Originally Posted by AK1 View Post



I left the pickling spice that the briskets came in and just rubbed on a bunch of ground black pepper.

That's exactly how I like em too. I always remember the pastrami I got as a kid always had pepper on the edge. Yours look fantastic!

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Thanks, I was planning to mix some ground coriander with the pepper, but didn't have any. Oh well! Next time.

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You didn't have any pepper?

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drool.gifWow that looks great! Okay, another item for my "to smoke list"! 439.gif

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Did you guys soak your store bought corned beefs? if so how long? I have a few, but I forgot how long I soaked them for last time.

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I soaked mine for about 8 hours and it was still slightly too salty for my liking, not bad though and not complaining, but next time I was going to shoot for 12 hours with at least 2 water changes.


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