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I've seen them used for pressure smoking.  you have to pretty much have your chips ground down to a sawdust consistency and of course use a rack at the bottom so your food doesn't touch it.  I

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Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

This unit is sacreledge. How is a guy/gal gonna kick back and enjoy the world. Not for me.......... and I think Cwalk would also agree.
This is from this morning and I am on his side.
Can't do that in front of an electric pressure/cooker/smoker.




I get a 12pk of my favorite beer whenever I smoke, and almost always my meat is usually done at the end of that 12pk. Be it brisket, ribs, chicken. It just seems to play out that way. lol. I prefer long low smokes so I can sit out back with my beer in one hand and tongs in the other.




I switched up beer to bourbon on the rocks and made it work just fine.  It did take away from the "me time" out in the yard though.

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I found this thread  after going to a BBQ joint here in West Palm Beach, FL. They also pressure smoke there BBQ. However there smokers are comercial. I had there baby back ribs and chicken combo. The ribs were so tender I thought they may of been boiled first,however that is not the case.They are pressure smoked. I am thinking about buying that emerson unit.200.00 is hard to come by these days,so I will have to wait a little while. The Resturant is Park Ave BBQ. They are in Palm Beach and Martin countys Florida.

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I've had mine for a year.  I use it mainly in the winter when our bitter Canadian weather makes it "uncomfortable" to smoke outdoors.  It works fantastic!  Did smoked pork chops last night and St. Louis style ribs the night before.  Absolutely delicious!


It took a few cracks at it to figure it out.  First, you must make sure you use enough water to generate enough steam to seal the unit (I use 3/4 cup instead of the recommended 1/2 cup).  Also, use VERY LITTLE wood (about the amount of 3-6 toothpicks is PLENTY, believe it or not!), otherwise the smoke flavor is overwhelming, and almost acrid.  And I don't finish them completely in the cooker (40 mins for 4lb of ribs, 35 mins for 2lb of chops).  I simply unplug the unit and step outside to release the steam/smoke, otherwise it smokes the house up.  Then I finish them on the grille at 600 deg, just long enough to brown or caramelize the sauce.


I'm not going to say that the results from this cooker are better than my electric smoker with venturi smoke generator, but I certainly don't hesitate to use it, and I highly recommend it!

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I have a lesser model, 5 Qt/4lbs.  Works great!, If you use pellets, use less!

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This is almost too funny....


This thing popped up on a couple of days ago and it peeked my interest.  Smoker?  OK, where else can you go to check this thing out than smokingmeatforums!  So I pop over here and do a quick search and of course there's a few posts about it.  Low and behold...I started it back in 2011 when I spotted it some were else!


Well..woot had it (new) for 89$ so after reading the posts here and the reviews on amazon I decided to order it.  What talked me in to it is that I recently had a bad fall and broke a few ribs so at the moment I am unable to pick up my MES and carry it from the garage to the back porch to smoke anything.  That coupled with the fact there are times I would like to do a single rack of ribs, small brisket, etc that isn't worth getting the MES out for. 


The consensus seems to be that this thing does what it says on the tin but be aware it is a Chinese built non-supported cheaply made thing that probably won't stand up to heavy weekly use for long.  I'm excited to add another kitchen appliance to my arsenal that I can pull out to do some pretty tasty falling off the bone smoky good meats in small quantities and limited time.  I'm also intrigued about it's claim to cold smoke cheese in 10 minutes.  Be interested in seeing how that stands up to my oven rack/cardboard box/aMAZEn smoker cheese.  Not sure about trying cold smoked bacon in this because the amazen smoker method (10 hours) just rocks and will absolutely ruin ya for life ever buying that store bought junk again. (Thanks to BearCarver for removing "bacon" from my grocery shopping list)!


Expect to receive this in about 7-10 days and will post back here when I've checked it out with a few things. it'll do a nice pastrami... got some points corning in the fridge right now so the timing is about right.

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I almost bought one too but while I like food, I like the process more...

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Likewise on the latecomers/bargain hunters front. I don't have the outdoor space for a proper smoker, so my hope is to pre-smoke in batches and finish on the grill!
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Staples has this on sale this week for $69 11/24/2014

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I have an Emson indoor electric pressure smoker.  My only complaint is the size.  It will only take 2 lbs chuck roast or 2 racks of ribs.

Other than that it is great! smoke ribs full cooked in 1 hour.  It even has a browning feature and a cool smoke for fish and cheeses.


EMSON was rated 4 stars and cost $200 with chips.  I bought on Amazon but they no longer carry it.

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I saw this in the Hammecher Schlemmer catalog and would love to hear from someone that has tried it.

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