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Hickory smoked chicken thighs

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Hanging out in the the bar, watching the nationwide race yesterday. Picked up some thighs for 3 bucks. Put thighs in a bag and used John henrys pecan rub friday night. on the grill and smoked at 275 for 3hrs. These thighs were the best I have cooked yet. My son bit into one and said "dad what did you do to these thighs". Theyre the best. I have to give credit to the rub. I have not used a better rub than john henrys from texas. The pics dont do justice but these were awsome. Will be doing some at the florida event will be a must. the pics dont do justus but thanxs for looking


the race



in the rub



in the smoker



out of the smoke



on the plate



the money shot








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Well if your son says there the best they must be, well done

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man that bird looks great bet it was tasty icon14.gif

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Those thighs have a great color,Can't wait to try some at the gathering!drool.gif

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Geart looking chicken!!!! And the boss approved it must have been good!!!!

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Great job! Great color! I can almost taste them!

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