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I just bought the BTLE. I was thinking of wrapping 4 patio pavers in aluminum foil and placing them in the bottom of the cooking chamber to help hold heat. Has anyone tried this?

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For what it's worth, I repurposed my unbelievably patient wife's cookie cooling racks (stainless steel). I would not put an 8 lb roast on one.  But it worked well for the bacon and sausage I smoked this weekend.


Oh…  and by a strange coincidence, we are now buying her NEW cooling racks… 



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I just bought one of these from Home Depot for $149 already built. I think I did good. Ordered a baffle plate kit. Excited. This sucker is a good size. Gonna read thru all the pages of this thread. Glad to see a thread on it.
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bummer.  brinkmann went bankrupt.   


On October 8, 2015, Outdoor Direct Corporation, formerly known as, The Brinkmann Corporation (“Company”) filed for chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in the Delaware Bankruptcy Court. This action was taken to complete the orderly wind down and liquidation of the Company. As such, Outdoor Direct Corporation is no longer able to honor prepetition—before October 8, 2015—warranty claims and the Company is no longer offering replacement parts free of charge. If you have a warranty claim, you may file a proof of claim with the official claims agent appointed by the bankruptcy court, Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC (“KCC”). Proofs of claim forms and instructions may be obtained by visiting www.kccllc.net/Malibu or by calling, 866-967-0499 or +1-310-751-2699 (outside of the U.S.). Please note, KCC cannot advise creditors or potential creditors how to file, or whether one should file, a proof of claim.

Thank you.

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Ironic...  Just this weekend the paint started to peel off the inside part of the door...  Now I have shinny metal exposed...  I only bought the d@mn thing two months ago!!!  Grrrrr....Anyone know if I can just repaint it with the BBQ paint and move on with my life?

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I would never paint the inside of your smoker. i have seasoned my smoker with olive oil and 2 hours of smoke when i opened it it was like black glass. The oil protects your smoker from rust so long as it doest get hotter than 500 degrees that the oil burns off should last all year until winter. Then reseason. If the rust is in your firebox just keep it cleaned out of ashes. Not much you can do. That paint will always smell in the firbox. Idk why they powdercoat smokers.
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Where/how did you order baffle plate kit?


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Update on my pit, it is not paint that is pealing, but Creosote.  I figured out that I got some pine mixed in with my maple...  Which explains the dry sour flavor of my ribs :-(  Oh well


So, Time to organize the wood stack better!

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Originally Posted by Bigbear77 View Post


Here ya go

yup that's it

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I purchased it, and I love it.  I didn't smoke without it, so I can't attest to the before and after.  I can attest to the make sure to put the 2 pieces together INSIDE the cooking chamber... Unless like me, you were having SO much fun you wanted to take it apart and do it again.


Anywho, with that plate and a 9x13 pan of water witting on the plate on the firebox side, I end up with about 10 degrees difference between sides.  Without the water the difference is closer to 35+ degrees different.


I should point out that I purchased me thermometers from those guys, and I don't like 'em.  The way I had to mount them makes then totally unreliable (as compared to the digital probe I have in there).  The threading doe snot go all the way up to the base of the unit.  So I had to add brass spacers to snug the wing nut up against.  I think the brass spacer is messing with the temp accuracy.  However, I do like the baffle plate.

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Can anyone tell me the diameter of the holes in the BTLE baffel plate ? Thanks!

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I'm looking at buying the vertical model of this smoker. Does anyone have any experience with it or able to provide any info on the horizontal vs vertical?  Thanks.

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Here is my two cents.  My wife had a vertical smoker when she lived in Texas.  She said that if you do different meats at the same time, whatever is on the top is what the stuff on the bottom taste like.  She her vote was horizontal.


Other than that, the vertical should theoretically require less space and fuel.  If you want to smoke several different types of meats in one whack, (which is what I do) then consider a horizontal.  If you will do all the same meat/flavor most of the time then go with a vertical.  And if you smoke in a pan under a baking rack (scroll up to my sausage pics) in the vertical, then my comment about everything tasting the same should be moot.

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To: fredfaul,


Use fire bricks and not concrete.  It will do what you want better.

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Thank you Bigbear77!

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Originally Posted by rob8213 View Post

Problem with using more and more wood instead of coal, is that you get more smoke.  If the wood is not very very dry you can oversmoke the meat.  I also cant normally get over 300-350 deg except only in the first few hours when all the wood and coal ignites over the 1st few hours.   Then for some reason I just cant keep the temps up.  Ill add charcoals already lit in my charcoal chimney and it still wont reach over 300.  

Sorry Rob but I don't follow this comment. Bbq restaurants only use wood to smoke with. At least the ones I've been to. My former roommate was a pit master at 2 Q's and all they used was Hickory in their pit. 

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New southern pride smokers are now natural gas and wood for smoke only
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Brought mine home last night. Was marked at $199 at HD, The only one they had on the shelf looked like it had fallen off the truck, so they sold me the display model. It was missing some bolts and such, so they knocked $25 off, which should just about pay for the mods (with the exception of the baffle plate, which I may just go with the lava rock for now)
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Well made another modification to my smoker. Cut out and removed the fire box vent to allow better air flow, I was having issues getting oxygen into the box. The fire would always die out and get smothered. So here is the new and improved vent!!

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