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AMNS 6-8 hrs of smoke?

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I have digital MES 30,with amns in water pan,both outside rows filled and packed in. I light both ends,works great but I get about 3hrs smoke,with the vent all the way open. Will chocking the vent closed help? I have been just refilling 2 rows and finishing.

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Ummm don't light both ends??



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Couple of things here........ keep in mind that a lot of smokes only require about three hours of smoke as after that time the meat doesn't absorb much after that.  As far as adjusting the vent, that may slow down the burn a little, but it will also allow the smoke to stay in the chamber a bit longer and you may get a smokier result, so try it.  I always burn both ends as it gives me the amount of smoke I like and if you want a bit longer burn fill in the center row.  If that still is not enough, simply reload it or get a larger AMNS from Todd.


Happy smokin' 


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Good points geerock. guess I was over thinking it. Just always keft the center row empty,sounded like thats what your supposed to do. Live and learn! icon_cool.gif

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Try using pellets instead of sawdust.
Longer burn time and more smoke.

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I'm sure there will be some Mes owners around soon who can answer your question specifically. My understanding is the top vent is left wide open to allow smoke to escape and the bottom vent/vents mostly closed to limit airflow in

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I have a 30.

I leave the top vent wide open.

Pull the chip drawer handle half way out.

3 lanes full and start one end.

4-5 hours most of the time.

Plenty of smoke.

Have to squint to see it coming out




   Have a great day!!




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I use my AMNS all the time. I lite both ends in my SmokinTex and get 5-6 hours of smoke all the time

I dont have a lower vent in mine so that might be the difference - you can try closing yours a little to see if that helps

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Leave your vent open and try to pack the dust down a little bit more with your finger.a nice firm packed row of dust should last 2 hours no problem.

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