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Finished 1st Cook on MES, Turned out Tastey

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Darn good looking chow!!!


Congrats and keep up the good work!!



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Nice lookin' spread, What all do you have there?

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Sweet & Spicey wings

Stuffed mushroom w/cream cheese ,chives ,onions and shrimp

Stuffed Mushrooms with tomatoes,onions, garlic, Cilantro and Mozzarella

Jalapenos and Sweet Peppers Stuffed and wrapped


It turned out pretty good, but the wings could have been in longer.

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And Honey Mustard Wings and Carrots and Celery

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WOW, it all looks GREAT...

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That is some nice looking grub for sure

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All that in a MES!

Very impressive  jaw-dropping.gif

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Nice job...thats alot of's your food coma going??? LOL

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I'm guessing you were having some folks stop by for a little treat. I'm sure they were all impressed. Great job!

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Man O Man that is some great looking Q.. nice jobPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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I bet you had all of the neighbors walking the streets with their noses in the air!  I am sure it smelled goooood!   It sure looks delicious!!

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Real nice layout---Looks Great!




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Thanks for all the nice comments. Believe it or not it was just me the wife and Son and his girl. We didn't finish it off but there weren't many left overs


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Holy crap that’s a mighty fine looking spread!                          77.gif

It looks like you’re well on your way to your first double chin.

Keep um coming!                                                                       points.gif

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Very nicely done...all looks great....congrats on the great smoke. FYI, when up upload a pic you can type a little description above it before adding another pic. Again, great job!!

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Looks Great! I can bring beer!!

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