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Smokin' in Las Vegas

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My son bought me a Brinkmann Gourmet electric smoker and I'm really enjoying it. I've got a couple of questions to ask and maybe get some info on the matter.

I got the smoker in August and did some fish and beef without a temperature gauge. I was hands on and came away clean. Then I got both a meat probe and a temp sensor for the smoker. My problem is in Vegas in the summer the OAT is like the hinges of hell and the internal temp of the smoker ran 275-290. I dealt with that but it was time consuming hands on. I recently did my first pork butt at 57 degrees OAT and the temp stayed in the 220-230 range.

The smoker has no vents for summer cooling. Any idea’s out there? First Tri Tip smoke 1.JPGFirst Tri-Tip 2 (cut).JPGPlated 1.JPG

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First of all, that looks incredibly delicious.


Try an Aluminum pan filled with ice on the top rack. The top rack will allow the humidity to go out the top vent and allow for the cold air to sink, to cool the food.

Check the temps. Move the pan of ice to the bottom rack. Check the temps.

I have no experience with this but, this summer when the temps hit 100 I am planning my strategy.

If you try it out, a report back would be appreciated.

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Did a quick search and found some threads...maybe you can find something there. Check this link out.. 



Good luck!!

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Thanks to all. This Newbie wants out of proby status ASAP.



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Take your time and enjoy the ride. The ice pan is a great sloution sounds like a great plan

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Yes I agree on the ice & what your smoking so far looks excellent!

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Looks delicious!!



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Welcome..That Q looks real tasty nice job

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