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First smoke ever..not relaxing!

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First .. Thanks to all you guys experience,That I learned here,made ti thru Smoke. Ribs,no foil,pulled menbrane,mustard,

Rub. preheat 275 loaded,temp came down to 225 on masterbuilt 30 dig display,matching my probe in potatoe on center rack. Tbs rollin,ok went inside to kickback for a while,1 1/2 hrs later came back ,probe read 269.Finally got to 225 on probe with Mb display set at 175, Called customer service today,3 minutes on phone a new control is on the way!

          The ribs got smoked 5 1/2 hrs, OMG!! I havnt had smoked ribs before,they were the BOMB!

            Yes I took pics,but came out blurry. Next smoke I will check pic before chowing.

                 One thing you guys didnt teach me was make a hell of a lot if you want leftovers!

                              Smoker for life,Im pumped about this. God that tasted good!

                                     Your garage smells good the next day too!


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So I take it you liked how things went??? icon_razz.gif

You ALWAYS cook more then you will think you need - that is why they invented freezers - plus - you need leftovers for lunch/dinner the next week!

Congrats on your first cook -you are now hooked for life.

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Congrats on your smoke.. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Congrats and just think, It only gets Better!

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Glad to hear your smoke turned out. The more you do the easier and more fun they will be!!

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Welcome aboard
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Welcome to SMF - sounds like a great smoke but


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Originally Posted by Scarbelly View Post

Welcome to SMF - sounds like a great smoke but


sorry got to agree...we even like the blurry one.  


Other than that,  Welcome and God bless your new addiction. 

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Way to go Irish, your hooked now! Nothing like hitting a homer your first time at bat! Congrats!

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Ya Ya I know your gonna get double pictures next time! haha...

Thanks for the warm welcome.

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Sounds like you had fun!


Next time make the pics a little bigger---I couldn't even see them!




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Congrats Irish! You're in trouble now..biggrin.gif

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Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to your first qview. icon_cool.gif

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Ok,Ok Blurry pictures are here

Ribs,turkey breast with wild willes rub

Knottypine cabinet,inside lined with cedar

fold up shelf,papertowell holder,casters

handles on MES017.JPG010.JPG018.JPG015.JPG

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Maybe this time the blurry pictures will take

ribs,turkeybreast with WildWilles rub

Knottypine cabinet,cedar lined

paper towell holder,fold up shelf

casters,handles on MES010.JPG018.JPG017.JPG015.JPG

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Looking good!!



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Yup-- lookin' good, Irish!


Tip--If you shake your head really fast, the blurry pictures get clear---Don't hurt yourself!



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I think the boy had too much coffee to drink. Seriously it all looks good, even in the blurry pics. I'm jumping up & down & shaking my head back & forth & I can see the pics perfectly! Thanks for the tip Bear! 

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They look great from here!! Congratulations and welcome to the forum! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Those pics look great through a pair of 3-D goggles......<grin>.....nice paper towel mod on the MES

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