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What size smoker

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I have done alot of reading and searching and was wondering what size smoker would be recommended for smoking sausage.  Should I build my own or should I buy a commercial unit?  I am sure I want to go with an electric smoker for temperature control.  I was looking at a 30 inch Masterbuilt for 180 bucks but am not sure if that is big enough.  I want to make summer sausage.  There was a gentleman named Salmon Clubber who told me to build one and that it was pretty easy.  I have never done anything like that and am hesitant to try.  I am retiring in 6 months and am planning on really getting into sausage making as a hobby.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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One big question. How many lbs of sausage are you looking to do at a time? If you are doing a descent amount I would just build your own as the MES will be to small. Check out some of the plywood smoker builds they would be perfect for this.

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I have the Master Forge Double Door propane smoker from Lowes. I have been very happy with it and controlling temperatures is easy.  I can hang 20 lbs of summer sausage at a time in this smoker. This smoker goes for about 180.00.

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This one I built will do about 100 to 120 lbs at a time.







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Bones,, I too am not working(disabled) and love to smoke. I see your intrest in the Elec. type and encourage you to go for it...HOWEVERicon_exclaim.gif

You'll love thisconfused.gif When I got into smoking,I was urged to get a bigger unit than I needed. That was a great suggestion,as I love to do parties and cook for friendsicon_mrgreen.gif My avatar is a shot of my smoker, and I enjoy doing loads just like that;as for whichicon_question.gif If you can, burn a few weekends on MAKING a decently Large one.It won't get that hot , so you can go with plywood and hot plates(along with safety options) or better yet, use an Amaizing smoker in it(do I get a percentage for salesicon_question.gif).

Poke around and check things out,and if you do jump the gun and start remember toicon_arrow.gif

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You could build your own smokehouse pretty easily you can check the Build section and get some ideas. Good luck and be sure to post some pics of what you build so we can follow along with the build.

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Check out Cowgirls smoker, I think it is in the build section.  I'm in the process of gathering parts for my new smoker.  I'm going to make it 4'x2'x7' and out of block and tile it inside and outside.  Good luck on your build or purchase.



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depends on how much you plan on smoking, small batches for your household or large load for lots of family and friends, i have found that bigger is better for my situation and can never have enough room, but thats me, as for heat source, i agree that convenience of either electric or gas is great but so is charcoal/wood if you dont mind "fiddlin" or drinkin large quantities of beer while keepin an eye on .02$ bigger for me works

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Reckon you could just use an old icebox with a hotplate in it ??

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